Are these episodes of Wanted Dead or Alive or Simon & Garfunkel songs?

What are "The Boxer," "Ricochet" and "The Voice of Silence"?

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The folk-rock duo Simon & Garfunkel and the Steve McQueen Western series Wanted Dead or Alive don’t seem to have much in common at first. But look a little closer and commonalities start to show through.

Both deal with themes of justice, betrayal and a certain affinity for silence — and what it may or may not sound like.

Here are 20 different titles. Can you tell which ones are songs by Simon & Garfunkel and which ones are episodes of Wanted Dead or Alive?

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  1. "The Boxer"
  2. "Crossroads"
  3. "He Was My Brother"
  4. "Vendetta"
  5. "Hero in the Dust"
  6. "A Hazy Shade of Winter"
  7. "Ricochet"
  8. "Punky's Dilemma"
  9. "Cloudy"
  10. "Eager Man"
  11. "Homeward Bound"
  12. "Old Friends"
  13. "Witch Woman"
  14. "Sparrow"
  15. "Baa-Baa"
  16. "The Voice of Silence"
  17. "Save the Life of My Child"
  18. "Monday Morning"
  19. "The Sun is Burning"
  20. "Angela"

Are these episodes of Wanted Dead or Alive or Simon & Garfunkel songs?

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Moverfan 8 months ago
Only missed one--and for no other reason than I just cannot imagine Steve McQueen agreeing to be involced with anything named Baa-Baa (unless it was a toy belonging to one of his children, of course)!
DJS3 14 months ago
15/20. Not tooooo bad. 🤔

I think some of the Wanted Dead Or Alive episode titles would make great Simon & Garfunkel songs! 😜
Moverfan DJS3 8 months ago
And the other way around as well.
MarkSpeck 14 months ago
19 out of 20. Thought I knew my S&G songs. Have to check out the song "Sparrow". I knew all the others.
daDoctah 14 months ago
Okay then, one from me: "A SImple Desultory Philippic".
nicegirl1 daDoctah 14 months ago
I gotta look that up!
Vee daDoctah 14 months ago
Love the Bob Dylan Diss
TheDavBow3 14 months ago
14/20! S & G are pretty good.
frenchman71 14 months ago
I bombed this one...5 wrong. They musta put some of S & G's album cuts on there. Some I never heard of...had to guess on half of them.
Runeshaper 14 months ago
11/20 - Love the show and the duo! Didn't hear most of those songs or catch the show titles though LOL :)
Evan 14 months ago
19/20. Punky's Dilemma? Thought I knew all of their songs.
harlow1313 Evan 14 months ago
It is a cut from the 'Bookends" album. Give it a listen sometime out on the Youtube. It has a nice melody, finger-snap rhythm, and the lyrics are playful and open to interpretation.

"Wish I was a Kellogg's Cornflake
Floatin' in my bowl takin' movies,
Relaxin' awhile, livin' in style,
Talkin' to a raisin who 'caisson'ly plays L.A.,
Casually glancing at his toupee."

Moverfan harlow1313 8 months ago
And if anybody's looking gor it, He Was My Brother is a cut on Wednesday Morning 3 AM.
CaptainDunsel 14 months ago
At least I didn't fall for #16!
Debbie 14 months ago
You got 15 out of 20
Your answers were a little out of tune. Better luck next time!
texasluva 14 months ago
Simon says-Stand on 1 foot! Why? Because I don't have two legs to stand on this quiz. I Funkeled it 15 out of 20 with The Sound Of Misery .
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Thank you 🤗...I wasn't prepared to be a winner so I'll get busy on my acceptance speech 😂🤣
MarkSpeck texasluva 14 months ago
Love the Beau Brummels reference!
texasluva MarkSpeck 14 months ago
Oh you got that .
DJS3 texasluva 14 months ago
Too funny! 🤣
BrianMoore 14 months ago
16 out of 20. More than I thought I would get.
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