Is this Elmer Fudd or a different bald cartoon character?

Can you tell these smooth cartoon craniums apart?

There are plenty of classic cartoon characters with hairless heads. Long locks weren’t an easy thing to pull off so it makes sense that animators would just draw a character bald if they could.

One of the most famous bald characters, animated or otherwise, is Elmer Fudd. While mostly seen as a hunter opposite Bugs Bunny, he appeared in many other professions trying to catch the wascawwy wabbit.

We’ve cropped these images of bald characters from Looney Tunes and other classic cartoons. Can you guess which ones are Elmer Fudd and which are someone else?

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  1. Who is this with Humphrey Bogart?
  2. Do you know this bald head?
  3. What about this one?
  4. Is this Elmer Fudd or someone else?
  5. Who is this?
  6. Speaking of bugs, this one is using a bald head as a ski slope. Whose head is it?
  7. Is this Elmer Fudd or someone else?
  8. Who does this bald head belong to?
  9. Who is this?
  10. Who is balancing a candle on their bald head?
  11. Do you recognize this character?
  12. Is this Elmer Fudd or someone else?
  13. What about this?
  14. Whose head is this?
  15. Whose smooth scalp is this?

Is this Elmer Fudd or a different bald cartoon character?

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Tresix 16 months ago
15/15! Got lucky with the last one.
Uncletee58 18 months ago
15 out of 15....I guess I know Elmer's bald noggin, huh? It hits close to home tho! Lol
MichaelSkaggs 18 months ago
13 out of 15. Missed by a hair.
MrChrisM 20 months ago
100percent get the Figaro Fertilizer I got them all
practicaljokerfan 20 months ago
Are Mighty Mouse and Superman the
Only 2 cartoon characters who can fly??
50schild practicaljokerfan 20 months ago
Maybe Casper the friendly ghost?
MrChrisM practicaljokerfan 20 months ago
No there's Shazam,Space Ghost,superboy, wonder woman,decepticons,Thor,deceptions,Iron man kind of,black Vulcan
practicaljokerfan 20 months ago
Is it true that Mighty Mouse had 2 different
Girlfriends one in the Mighty Mouse
Cartoons.snd a different girlfriend in
The Mighty Mouse comic book??
What were the names of the 2
Girlfriends of Mighty Mouse??
practicaljokerfan 20 months ago
In the Popeye Cartoons Popeye had
A sailor friend whose name was SHORTY.
Does anyone know why SHORTY Vanished from the Popeye Cartoons after only
A few Cartoons!?
practicaljokerfan 20 months ago
In the Popeye cartoons why did Popeye
Wear two different.uniforms??
practicaljokerfan 20 months ago
Were there any Bugs Bunny Cartoons
With BOTH Elmer FUDD.and Yosemite
Sam in the same cartoon?
practicaljokerfan 20 months ago
The same person in the Looney Tunes
Cartoons but EGGHEAD talks like the
Movie actor JoE PENNER.
johnsheridan 20 months ago
14/15, watching cartoons as a kid left a lasting impression.
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