Can you match these Looney Tunes characters to the right animals?

Do you know what kind of animals were named Beaky, Gruesome and Sniffles?


No offense to Elmer and Sam, but Looney Tunes cartoons are often remembered for the many zany animals who stole the show. There are the icons like Bugs and Daffy, of course, but there are also plenty of other animals who popped up in many memorable shorts.

How many Looney Tunes critters do you know? Pick which real animal you think matches each character name. Good luck!

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  1. Wile E. is what type of animal?
  2. What color rooster is Foghorn Leghorn?
  3. Foghorn's farm companion, Barnyard Dawg, is what kind of dog?
  4. Henery, Foghorn's not-so-menacing antagonist, is what type of bird?
  5. Which of these is a real Tasmanian Devil?
  6. Hubie, usually paired with his friend Bertie, is what?
  7. The Looney Tunes character named Cecil is a...
  8. The name Beaky obviously belongs to a bird, but what kind?
  9. A Looney Tunes Honeymooners parody features the character Ralph Crumden, who is a...
  10. The character named Gruesome is a...
  11. Michigan J. is a singing...
  12. Which animal that starts with "C" formed the alliterative name for the character Claude?
  13. The character Sniffles is a cute...
  14. An early Looney Tunes character named Beans is a...
  15. Another early character had an alliterative name. It was Gabby...

Can you match these Looney Tunes characters to the right animals?

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adamsbabe 24 months ago
They should play those funny 2 stupid dogs cartoons
Mob39 34 months ago
10/15 I didn’t recognize some of these characters. Probably before my time.
Jerryz 34 months ago
I love your bill and toony characters and watch the cartoons same as when I was a little kid. I also love your Saturday morning cartoons.
Susan00100 34 months ago
I missed #5. What is that animal in the center?
TSeym22 Susan00100 33 months ago
Pretty sure it's a wolverine.
Susan00100 34 months ago
14/15. Love those animal pix!!
bnichols23 34 months ago
"Morton, YOU are a mental case!"
L 34 months ago
You should've expanded to include other cartoons.

Magilla Gorilla, Wally the Alligator, Tennessee Tuxedo (a penguin) and Wally the Walrus, Atom Ant, Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har (a hyena), Mighty Mouse.

These are the ones I grew up with...mostly Hanna Barbera.
lgbyrne1129 L 34 months ago
But then it would be a less effective ad for the morning cartoon show which is all Warner Bros. and Max Fleischer. 🙄
Susan00100 L 34 months ago
There's also Huck Hound, Yogi Bear, Yakky Doodle...and MANY others.
Gossemer 34 months ago
Woohoo 15/15, that was a little tricky. Guess all that cartoon watching didnt hurt the brain too much after all, lol
svenlogin 35 months ago
12 outta 15 oh well maybe next time.
robyni23 35 months ago
You got 12 out of 15
The devil is in the details! How did you do on this critter quiz?
Missed 7, 13, & 14
Terrence 35 months ago
Not bad for someone who never watched these cartoons. All guesses
Bubba77511 35 months ago
ONLY 13 correct...... OUCH!!!!!🤕
Muleskinner 35 months ago
10/15. I started going downhill after missing the Tasmanian devil.
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