Is this Betty Lynn in My Three Sons, Matlock or Barnaby Jones?

She's Thelma Lou to many, but in these shows, she went by a different name.

When you hear the name Betty Lynn, you probably think of Thelma Lou from The Andy Griffith Show. That's because the actress portrayed Barney Fife's love interest for 26 episodes, and it's her best known role.

However, with a career that began in 1948, Lynn appeared in several classic sitcoms, dramas and even films before relocating to Mount Airy, North Carolina, for retirement. Three of those shows were My Three Sons, Matlock and Barnaby Jones.

Is this Betty Lynn in My Three Sons, Matlock or Barnaby Jones?

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  1. Is this Betty Lynn in My Three Sons, Matlock or Barnaby Jones?
  2. What about here?
  3. And this one?
  4. Is this Betty Lynn in My Three Sons, Matlock or Barnaby Jones?
  5. What about this one?
  6. Which show is she in here?
  7. Is this Betty Lynn in My Three Sons, Matlock or Barnaby Jones?
  8. And this last one?

Is this Betty Lynn in My Three Sons, Matlock or Barnaby Jones?

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DoubleNaughtSpy 1 month ago
8/8. More child's play for an sophisticated international playboy and double naught spy!
Lojagu 1 month ago
6/8 - I couldn’t tell between Barnaby Jones and Matlock because I never watched either show, but I remember quite well her appearances on My Three Sons.

Betty Lynn played a very vital role in my favorite episode of The Andy Griffith Show, that being The Return of Barney Fife (s06e17), which, like Space Seed did for Star Trek, single-handed provided the impetus for a very successful reunion movie. That episode and reunion movie twenty years later hit me personally, as there were similarities to the story of how my wife and I finally got together again. Besides that, I feel that Don Knotts did his absolute best acting in the role of Barney Fife in that 1966 episode as we are able to glimpse his true insecure nature beneath his bravado facade and silly personality. While at his high school reunion, Barney was absolutely crushed to learn that the love of his life had married somebody else as Andy tries to commiserate with his good friend. I’m so happy that they were finally able to get back together twenty years later! I always watch that episode whenever it airs, which, sadly, is rare these days, as somebody has decided that the three seasons of color episodes of that show are no longer worthy of sharing with us. Such a travesty! Thank you for reminding me of that heartfelt episode.
Grunt 1 month ago
6/8 Sure do miss my programs on metv. Seems dish & metv cant come to a contract agreement so its no longer on dish.
obectionoverruled 1 month ago
Betty Lynn was absolutely beautiful during the period she wearied on as clueless Barney’s perpetual girlfriend. I read on this site or somewhere else that she was paid the whopping sum of $50 for each episode she appeared in on the Andy Griffith Show. What an insult, even by the standards of the day. And no royalties for future repeats, as is standard in Hollywood today. She apparently bore a grudge against Andy because he excluded her role from so many episodes over budgetary matters. In my view she should have been given a shot at a spin-off show like so many other CBS comedies. If Jim Nabors deserved one, she sure did. She was a good character actress and would have been at least as successful as Gomer Pyle.
dodgebob 1 month ago
Proudly 3/8, didn't have a clue, surprised I didn't blank them all.
CaptainDunsel 1 month ago
Q: "Is this Betty Lynn in My Three Sons, Matlock or Barnaby Jones?"
A: Yes. Yes, it is.

Oh - wait. You want to know WHICH show she is in?
In that case... 4/8... so obviously I don't know. #5 was the only one with "high confidence".
Nala92129 1 month ago
4 out of 8. Shame on me! But, in my defense, I never watched Barnaby Jones, Matlock or My 3 Sons.
Wendy57 1 month ago
Oh my my my. 😣
Peter_Falk_Fan Wendy57 1 month ago
Don't feel too bad. I got 2/8. Maybe I should start watching these shows. Sometimes, I'll catch a little "Barnaby Jones" if I'm up that late.
JERRY6 1 month ago
6 out of 8 . not bad , just going bythe background and hair style
hermanstein2015 1 month ago
6/8 I never watched my three sons.
So who did you have watch them?
AllisonWunderland 1 month ago
5/8…🤨 Thought I’d do a lot better
MrsPhilHarris 1 month ago
5/8 I thought I would have aced this. 🤨
Wow! Now this is weird. Our scores and the emoji 🤔
Wow! 😂 That is weird.
teire MrsPhilHarris 1 month ago
Great minds.
AllisonWunderland teire 1 month ago
Ya think? 🤭
I had something to say without thinking, glad I held back.
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