Who said it: Uncle Joe Carson or Barney Fife?

Can you figure out if Uncle Joe Carson or Barney Fife said these lines?

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What if Uncle Joe Carson from Petticoat Junction and Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show were on the same series? Your stomach might hurt from laughing at their choice of words. Both characters added a hilarious touch to their shows, with noticeable differences and some similarities.

Did Uncle Joe Carson or Barney Fife say these lines?

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  1. Who said this when he got hit with a door: "You ought to be more careful, you big ox."
  2. Who said this when talking to a friend about an argument: "This was the granddaddy of them all. The big bomb."
  3. Who said this when two people quickly ran past him: "I knew it had something to do with getting something for free to get those two tubs of lard to move that fast."
  4. Who said this: "I'm not a kid. I've been around the block. I'm finished with women for good!"
  5. Who said this when rocking in a chair with friends: "Hold it, I've never seen such sloppy rockers a day in my life."
  6. Who said this when someone got mad at them: "Well, don't take it out on me. I was just trying to make conversation."
  7. Who said this when their guest tried to get two free butter jars: "Hold it, are you a bachelor? Then that'll be a dollar."
  8. Who said this: "It's steak sandwich time. That's right, a dollar and a quarter. What's more is that it's not going to be soup or salad. It's going to be both."
  9. Who said this when examining a check: "How do you know that's his signature? He should've sent some form of identification with it."
  10. Who said this: "Take a tip from a guy that's been around. When two friends, especially a man or woman, are having a fight, just don't get involved."

Who said it: Uncle Joe Carson or Barney Fife?

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graceful1970 8 months ago
Here's the moment of truth. You got 10 out of 10
BHappy22 10 months ago
Hello MeTV, family, friends and fans.
I just love this channel. They bring all the shows I love to see when I watch TV. The Andy Griffith Show is my most favorite TV Series. Then my number two is The Twilight Zone and third favorite is the Perry Mason Show and Rifleman.
Spock123 11 months ago
I grew up in Tiburon, CA. Tiburon was a railroad town, our house was the 3rd house built there. When you looked out the front window, there it was, big as Life . The Railroad yard. One fond memory was climbing up into the saw dust car an throwing the saw dust all over your friends, besides, we never got caught, or ended up in trouble. Tim in CA
Spock123 11 months ago
9/10 . I wanted an uncle just like uncle Joe. Ah, the good old days. Tim in CA
JohnGrant 11 months ago
7, mostly trying to remember if Barney said that. I see by the comments, theirs a lot of expert viewers
purplegirl20 11 months ago
10/10 only because I know The Andy Griffith show.
olddogg 11 months ago
As barney once said, You gotta keep your 'compelsions' in check.
Ready2go 11 months ago
9/10. Tried to nip it..nip it in the bud.
Steve2021 11 months ago
8/10 There's Uncle Joe he's moving kinda slow......
vinman63 11 months ago
Joe and his sarcasm nothing can beat it.
Muleskinner 11 months ago
7/10. I don’t remember Barney saying some of those things. 🤨
Deleted 11 months ago
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11 months ago
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JDWJDW2 11 months ago
I've always LOVED Uncle Joe. He was probably my favorite character on Petticoat Junction. I also always LOVED looking at all them women, especially Lori Saunders. Lori Saunders was freaking insanely BEAUTIFUL.
JDWJDW2 11 months ago
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