Is this a business in Mayberry or a defunct American chain?

Was this an establishment in the real world or on The Andy Griffith Show?


With all of its characters, Mayberry can seem like a real American town. Though it was inspired by Andy Griffith's hometown in North Caroling, the setting for The Andy Griffith Show is make-believe.

Over the eight seasons, we saw many establishments in town, from Floyd's Barbershop to Monroe's Funeral Parlor.

Think you can tell the difference between a fictional Mayberry business and an actual retail business? Make your guess — was this a place on The Andy Griffith Show or a bygone American chain?

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  1. Walker's Drugstore
  2. Crawford's Drugs
  3. Rich's Department Store
  4. Delano Oil Filling Station
  5. Morrison's Cafeteria
  6. Nick's Cafe
  7. Wally's Filling Station
  8. Valle's Steakhouse
  9. Bluebird Diner
  10. Turtle's
  11. Velvet Turtle
  12. Mom's Diner
  13. Weaver's Department Store
  14. Barker Bros. Furniture
  15. Foley's Grocery
  16. Herman's World of Sporting Goods

Is this a business in Mayberry or a defunct American chain?

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jtrain 34 months ago
country46 jtrain 33 months ago
got the same missed Crawford's drug store
jtrain country46 33 months ago
And Morrison's cafeteria
murgatroid45 country46 2 months ago
Yeah, I didn't know Mayberry had another drugstore
southernbelle 41 months ago
14/16. I have eaten at the Velvet Turtle. It was fine dining at its best “back in the day”. 😂😋
SashaPayneDiaz 48 months ago
8/16 I had no clue for any of them so I chose the 1st answer for each....odds are 50%/50% and that's how I did....half right/half wrong.
Lillyrose 48 months ago
8 out of 16. I don't watch The Andy Griffith Show. But I do remember Morrison's Cafeteria. They had good food, but not as good as the Old Country Buffet or Sweet Tomatoes (in that order). I wonder if there are still any Morrison's Cafeterias around?
MrsPhilHarris 48 months ago
14/16 The two I missed I thought maybe we're on the colour episodes which I am not really familiar with.
MikefromJersey 48 months ago
11 for 16. Hard to do well when regional stores are often the answer.
JustGeri 48 months ago
Who can forget the Christmas episode when Ben finally gets himself locked up but not before Andy let’s him go back to his department store to pick up a few items that he packed in a suitcase. One of my fave episodes!
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