If you were a chef, which classic sitcom family would you serve?

Dinner on classic sitcoms just got much tastier because you're cooking!

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Grab your apron and favorite spatula and head to the kitchen because you're cooking a feast for a special classic sitcom family. Who will that family be? You'll have to answer the questions in this quiz to see.

Cooking for these families will be challenging, though. You'll find yourself running into a few problems.

Have fun with this chaotic quiz!

  1. You just walked into the kitchen. What are you doing first?
  2. How many people are you willing to cook for?
  3. What dinner are you cooking?
  4. After you prepare the salad, you decide to leave it on the corner of the counter, and it fell. What would you do next?
  5. Which of these would you add to the dinner?
  6. What beverage(s) would you put on the table with the dinner?
  7. What type of glass will you pour the beverages into?
  8. As you carry glass plates to the dinner table, you slip on something on the floor and the plates break. What would you do next?
  9. You decide to sit down because you're tired, but then you smell something burning. What would you do?
  10. False alarm. It wasn't the food burning. You just accidentally put a sponge in the oven. You finally finish cooking, and your classic sitcom family walks through the door. How do you feel?

If you were a chef, which classic sitcom family would you serve?

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