Can you identify these discontinued car brands by just their logos?

Some are long gone while others ended more recently.

Beginning in the 20th century, cars became an integral part of American life. Some automobile brands have stood the test of time while others started with a flash but burned out quickly.

Here are 12 brands — some owned by larger companies, others all on their own — that no longer exist. Can you name them all just by seeing their logos?

  1. What defunct car brand is this logo for?
  2. The brand with this logo ended in 2010.
  3. While not the most creative choice, this symbol fits well with the name of this long-gone car company.
  4. This intricate logo belongs to what defunct car brand?
  5. This discontinued brand used many different logos. Here is the one used in the 1960s and '70s.
  6. This discontinued company, shown with this 1960 emblem, was named after which Roman god?
  7. As referenced by the emblem, this defunct car brand shares a name with which Spanish conquistador?
  8. This brand was founded in the 1980s and lasted until the 2000s. Can you name it from this logo?
  9. What forgotten car company used this logo?
  10. While many were used, can you recognize this car brand from its 1960s era logo?
  11. The colors of this discontinued company's logo hinted at its name, which was...
  12. This defunct company was founded in Sweden.

Can you identify these discontinued car brands by just their logos?

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Hogansucks1 32 months ago
10 out of 12- missed Packard & Plymouth ones🤬. That’s a Ve-Hickle ! (Rizzo)
BrentwoodJon 32 months ago
11/12 Lincoln mercury is gone?
bnichols23 BrentwoodJon 31 months ago
The Mercury half of it, yeah. Last one was in '11.
CaptainDunsel 32 months ago
The DeLorean cars had one big flaw. They kept sucking up the white lines from the highway.
KellyShort CaptainDunsel 32 months ago
Bad joke then still bad
BrentwoodJon CaptainDunsel 32 months ago
And there performance suck too. But Good looking.
Hogansucks1 CaptainDunsel 32 months ago
With A Straw 🤣
CaptainDunsel 32 months ago
Surprisingly good for me.
The Saturn logo was instantly recognizable. But I'm mortally embarrassed to admit that - until this moment - it never dawned on me that it was a stylized drawing Saturn.
Hogansucks1 CaptainDunsel 32 months ago
Welcome to our world ! 😂
MrBill 32 months ago
6/12; not too bad for someone who does not know much about cars
FrankBusch 32 months ago
12/12 Fairly easy
Hogansucks1 FrankBusch 32 months ago
Way to Go- Man ! Thought I was gonna Ace this one as well- I am mortified!! “Ha-cha- cha- cha” (J.D.) 🙃
FranklinShulock 32 months ago
I can't believe it. I got 10/12, but the 2 I missed were Plymouth (I had a '63 Valiant convertible) and Packard (my grandfather had a pink 1941 "boat")!
FranklinShulock 32 months ago
10/12 I Can't believe the two i missed; I had a Plymouth 63 Valiant, and my granddad had a 41 Packard (Pink)! CRAZYF
Same here- but 1st. Car was 71 dodge dart(318) & NO pink Packard 💘
RobRacela 32 months ago
i know the Amc logo and the Mercury logo
olddogg 32 months ago
I knew the Packard logo because that was the first car I remember My dad having when I was a sprout. After that, he only had Buicks. I know, I know. Yes, I am!
daDoctah 32 months ago
Studebaker, nothing. That's the logo for Pepsi!
kkvegas daDoctah 32 months ago
When I saw it I said to myself, "I didn't know Pepsi made cars!"
canttouchthis daDoctah 32 months ago
Similar to Pepsi,
its used by both, Studebaker had many Designs..
BrentwoodJon canttouchthis 32 months ago
That was the last design Studebaker used.
How do you get Pepsi out of a lazy S ?
Hogansucks1 daDoctah 32 months ago
Choose—-- Wisely ! 😚
bnichols23 canttouchthis 31 months ago
Yup, as did Pepsi. After the art deco blue/red/white 30s/40s, Studebakers all seemed to be "lima bean green" with 2/60FB air conditioning. 2-windows-down, 60 mph with the air blowing through the rusted out floor boards.
JHP 32 months ago
10-12...happy happy joy joy
John 32 months ago
Wait! Saab is defunct?

You learn something new every day, don't'cha?
MHRDeadhead John 32 months ago
Almost 10 years now...since 2011. GM purchased SAAB in the '90s, and they went downhill from there. They were exemplary cars, up to that point. Owned 3 of them before the GM sale, each one was a gem.
Still made in Sweden just not exported I don't know if the name changed
They make planes too
Hogansucks1 BrentwoodJon 32 months ago
Those defunct Sweed’s 😡 🤪.
bnichols23 John 31 months ago
Sadly, yes. :(
JZ6030 32 months ago
10/12. Missed #4 and 10. Didn’t know Saturn and Saab were defunct.
JERRY6 32 months ago
12 of 12 , never miss on cars
Hogansucks1 JERRY6 32 months ago
🍎+🍊+🍒=💰. 😬
JewelsChuck 32 months ago
9/12, I got Plymouth wrong and I used to own one. 😏
janet0312 JewelsChuck 32 months ago
I used to own several and I got that one wrong.
bnichols23 janet0312 31 months ago
Coulda been worse -- could've been the Dodge "fratzog."
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