How well do you remember Barney Fife's last episode as a Mayberry regular?

Can you pass this test, or will you flunk like Opie?


It's still hard to believe that Don Knotts jumped ship. His Barney Fife was a beloved character on The Andy Griffith Show — and a critical darling, garnering multiple Emmy nominations. But the comedian wanted to make movies. Hard to blame him, when he gave us chuckle-fests like The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

The actor's final episode as a series regular came in "Opie Flunks Arithmetic." As the title suggests, the plot centers around the Taylor boy, but the story delivers a ton of hilarious Barney moments. Like when he suggests Einstein could have really amounted to something if he had stayed in school.

Because "Opie Flunks Arithmetic" marked the final time Barney lived in Mayberry full-time (his character would return a couple of times as a special guest in the color season), it sticks in the memory. But how well do you remember it?

  1. "Opie Flunks Arithmetic" aired during which season of The Andy Griffith Show?
  2. What is Andy doing to Helen here?
  3. What grade is Opie receiving in Arithmetic?
  4. Which math subject is Opie currently struggling with? He says, "I hate it."
  5. What was Barney's nickname in high school — according to Barney?
  6. Why did they supposedly call Barney by that nickname?
  7. Opie has a picture of which character in a frame atop his dresser?
  8. Barney shows Andy and Bee a magazine article about what topic?
  9. Barney says there's a wonderful vocational school in Mt. Pilot for learning what trade?
  10. Barney gives Opie a vocational aptitude test. He asks the boy which present he would prefer to receive: an electric motor or a chemistry set? What does Opie answer?
  11. Which one of Opie's friend owns a "No. 1 Chemistry Set," the kind with not as many chemicals.
  12. Who told Aunt Bee that Einstein was a high school dropout?
  13. Aunt Bee tells the fellas that she "got A's almost all the time" in which subject?
  14. Finally, in the end, Helen tells Andy that Opie earned what grade on his latest arithmetic test?

How well do you remember Barney Fife's last episode as a Mayberry regular?

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idkwut2use 35 months ago
You got 14 out of 14

Ooo! That is an impressive grade!
DeniseandTyrone 40 months ago
Geez.... I Can't believe I missed 8 out of the 14..... I'm bout to go watch this episode on Netflix right now... Lol........
robyni23 40 months ago
You got 13 out of 14
Ooo! That is an impressive grade!
dingopossum 42 months ago
14/14 don knotts should have never left the show. .he was the show..
denny 43 months ago
7/14 I flunked. Can't believe I missed that many, Miss Crump must not have been that good of a teacher.
SashaPayneDiaz 43 months ago
I flunked......BIGLY!.......even worse than Dopey Opie.
joebob 43 months ago
14/15......always wanted to live in mayberry
MikefromJersey 43 months ago
14 for 14. I saw "The Maltese Falcon", one of the greatest films ever, so many times it is now ruined
for me. I think I will have to give Andy and the citizens of Mayberry a rest for awhile because I
haven't seen this episode in a long time yet got every question correct.
The last time I saw "Man in a Hurry", one of the all time great TV episodes, the magic was gone,
I could recite the dialogue. And it's not like any series on network TV these days would offer
anything remotely as lyrical and moving as that episode. If anyone knows of a series that does
please let us know.
jholton30062 43 months ago
10/14, which is 71%, which is either a C or a D.
JCTORRES6922 43 months ago
7/14. I call
Edward 43 months ago
Perfect ! ! ! Got none of 'em right.
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