How well do you remember when huge rock bands went disco?

Everyone got into the groove. Can you?

In the late 1970s, music fans supposedly fell into two camps — rock and disco.

But, really, the biggest rock stars in the world were discotheque dilettantes. The arena-filling, guitar-smashing, amp-cranking kings of rock all got into the groove. Even Led Zeppelin got funky (just listen to the boogie of "Carouselambra").

For some acts, going disco gave them the biggest hits of their career. 

Let's see how well you remember these genre-hopping smashes. Try to name all the bands!
  1. "I Was Made for Lovin' You" become one of their biggest hits.
    Image: Island Def Jam
  2. Their smash "Heart of Glass" originally had a working title of "The Disco Song."
    Image: Chrysalis
  3. Their hit "Miss You" had a "Special Disco Version," the band's first ever dance remix.
    Image: R.S. Records
  4. He was ahead of the curve when he tapped into American funk with "Young Americans."
    Image: Parlophone / Warner Music Group
  5. These rock gods went deep disco on their groovy album Hot Space.
    Image: Hollywood Records
  6. He released his unique take on disco, "Disco Mystic," in 1979.
    Image: Arista
  7. His "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" went all the way to No. 1.
    Image: Warner Bros.
  8. This was an unlikely act to go disco, but nevertheless "Shakedown Street" brought the boogie.
    Image: Arista
  9. This English band delivered the disco on its 1979 hit "Shine a Little Love."
    Image: Jet Records / Epic / Legacy
  10. This former Steve Miller Band guitarist scored a massive his with his "Lowdown."
    Image: Columbia Records

How well do you remember when huge rock bands went disco?

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WILD 27 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Hot stuff!

My very first concert was KISS in 1979 at the Montreal Forum. Tickets and T-shirts were $10.00 each. In spite of "I Was Made For Loving You", Dynasty was not a disco album as some describe it.
As for "Young Americans" being funky. No way, man. This does not sound like Funk at all. If you want an example of what Funk sounds like, then listen to Parliament Funk (aka P-Funk) or at least to Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music".
Dave 35 months ago
10 out of 10. So easy, as I remember all of these songs and all of these bands, and this was and is my favorite era of music.
HippieU 35 months ago
I sucked at this one. I only got 3 of them
Greg 35 months ago
If you want to see the best version of I feel love. On you tube search I feel love Blueman group with Venus Hum it's great
Greg 35 months ago
10/10 I would contest calling Lowdown a disco song
anthony 35 months ago
10/10.💃💃💃First perfect score in a while.Yeah I got a lot of them from the pictures, but I'll take it.
Dicazi 35 months ago
I guessed on most of them.
BuckRogers 35 months ago
Bowie’s “Young Americans” album was disco? Do your research, MeTV staff. Bowie was collaborating with Luther Vandross to create his version of soul music as he was interested in that genre at the time. The truly disco album of Bowie’s would have been 1980’s “Scary Monsters and Super Creeps” which featured the song “Fashion”, a danceable song that was pounding from the speakers at Studio 54 in New York City.
stephaniestavropoulos 35 months ago
10/10 You got 10 out of 10, Hot Stuff! Why isn't the gif of Donna Summer instead of Rod Stewart? She's the one who sang the song.
Dave stephaniestavropoulos 35 months ago
The Rolling Stones also did a song called "Hot Stuff" on their 1976 "Black and Blue" album. It was, in fact, considered to be their first disco song.
Dave stephaniestavropoulos 35 months ago
It was before Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff", and was, actually, an entirely different song from hers.
teire 35 months ago
8/10, based more on the photos than actual knowledge.
Russ 35 months ago
Kind of giving it away with the band's pictures
harlow1313 35 months ago
A breezer for geezers.
cperrynaples harlow1313 35 months ago
10/10! yep and that meme is Tonight's the night!
A "breezer for geezers," who wind up becoming wheezers with seizures, after being too long on the dance floor!
Dave harlow1313 35 months ago
No, not geezers yet! We're still young
leebilly 35 months ago
it was not easy for me, was okay, have some in 1959s
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