How well do you remember the series premiere of All in the Family?

How much can you recall about meeting Archie, Edith, Gloria and Michael for the first time?


Their old LaSalle ran great. They loved the way Glenn Miller played. They had it made. We met the Bunkers for the first time when All in the Family premiered in January of 1971.

The initial episode launched a nine-season run for All in the Family, a stretch that continues to be one of the most successful in TV history. 

We've already asked how well do you know characters from All in the Family, but how well do you remember when you met the Bunkers for the first time? 

Get a good score on this one, will ya? 

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  1. When Michael walks in at the beginning of the episode, what does Gloria tell Michael he can do while she prepares for a party?
  2. What kind of party is Gloria throwing?
  3. Where are Archie and Edith returning from in this episode?
  4. When Archie burns his hand on the coffee pot, what does Edith suggest they do to help it?
  5. Lionel is over to fix something for Archie. What is it?
  6. As of this episode, how long have Archie and Edith been married?
  7. What is in the gift Edith opens?
  8. Lionel is going to college to pursue a career in what profession?
  9. Finish this line from Archie, one he says to Mike. "Let me tell you something about yourself, you are a person of very little..."

How well do you remember the series premiere of All in the Family?

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Amom 16 months ago
8 out of 9. Only missed the first question about Michael.
Tanisha32 16 months ago
5/9 Better than I thought seeing that I don't exactly remember the first episode. But I recorded it. Thanks METV!
SteveMcnary 16 months ago
9/9-It was easy since I just saw it Sunday night.
DanDolgin 16 months ago
6/9 and that was after seeing the episode, although I missed the first 10 minutes.
JellyrollJackson 16 months ago
7/9 What is a mobile TV set?
TV on a wheeled cart.
DanDolgin JellyrollJackson 16 months ago
Never heard the term mobile TV back in the '70's. The usual term was portable TV.
cperrynaples DanDolgin 16 months ago
We had a TV on a cart back then, but we didn't call it mobile! Today, smart phones are our mobile TVs...LOL!
BuckeyeBeth7 DanDolgin 16 months ago
Ha! More proof MeTV does read our comments! If you guys are referring to question number 5, they must’ve changed it because it says portable TV now 😆. It’s good that the MeTV youngsters are learning and do correct any mistakes that happen! I do see the logic in the mistake though. The phones we carry around are called mobile phones so logic would dictate the TV we used to carry around might be called a mobile TV. But cperrynaples is correct that we watch so much on our phones now that they are our “mobile TVs”. That does remind me that before the digital switchover (and pre-smartphones) they had gotten portable tv almost to the size of today’s smartphones. For whatever reason after the switchover it seems small mobile tvs were abandoned by manufacturers (at least in the US). Maybe their popularity had diminished enough that they weren’t profitable anymore?
Charlotte 16 months ago
6/9 Not bad for someone who was pre-teen when this showed aired. I can still hear my grandpa laugh when we would visit & all watch this show on Saturday night.
Mistertelvison 16 months ago
I might have not seen that I remember about All in the Family
But I do remember Archie would to say to his son in law that you are a MEAT HEAD
Donnajean 16 months ago
I am so excited that you are bringing back AITF !! When it first premiered, I was a young 20 yo Mom of 2 little boys….I only mention this because I was thinking about days gone by….Now, I am a 71 yo Mom of two wonderful sons, and the grandma of 14 beautiful grandchildren!! O my, Where did the years go?!?… I did really stinky on my memories of the first episode… thought I would remember more.
marcubus 16 months ago
I hated the show when it first came out. Archie's bigotry was jarring and offensive. Before long, I was watching it religiously. I think we could see something of ourselves in each character.
kwlcat 16 months ago
Never heard of a portable TV called a Mobile TV.
FLETCH 16 months ago
Thanks you MeTV for bringing back AITF !!
FLETCH 16 months ago
5 out of 9 correct. Not bad considering I haven't seen this episode in years
jackbennyfan 16 months ago
I missed the last one. I remember my dad watching this show when I was little. That was about the only time he laughed in our house.
DoubleNaughtSpy 16 months ago
9/9. Oh, Good Night Nurse! This quiz was child's play for ol' Double Naught!!
Lojagu 16 months ago
9/9, fairly easy for me. I’d sure like to see the two original pilots/earlier versions of this episode which starred different actors as Mike and Gloria. Yes, I realize one or both of them have been available to watch online, but I’d like to see MeTV air them!
KentuckyPhil69 16 months ago
9 out of 9!!! I learned so much from Archie!!! God bless you Brother!!
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