How well do you remember the original Halloween slasher film from 1978?

Do you remember the night Michael Myers came home (the first time...)?


It's one of the most successful and storied horror film series of all time. With several sequels, different storylines and countless jump scares, the Halloween series has been resurrecting the character of Michael Myers for nearly 45 years. 

In all, with the release of Halloween Ends on Oct. 14, 2022, there are 13 films in the series, though that number includes the pair of movies created by Rob Zombie, which featured a new angle on the masked killer from Illinois. 

Of course, 12 films couldn't have been made without the original, simply titled Halloween, released in 1978. 

Jamie Lee Curtis has been the star of the series since. The original film grossed more than $45 million at the domestic box office in '78. 

Can you answer these 10 questions from the slasher film that ignited the Halloween series? 

  1. What Illinois town is Michael Myers from?
  2. Where does Myers escape from before terrorizing his hometown?
  3. Jamie Lee Curtis plays the role of...
  4. She's in charge of babysitting...
  5. What kind of costume was Myers wearing at the beginning of the film?
  6. What was the name of Michael's sister?
  7. Who is the doctor of Michael Myers?
  8. What name below is NOT a friend of Laurie Strode?
  9. How many shots are fired at Myers at the end of the movie?
  10. What happens after Michael Myers is shot and falls off a balcony?

How well do you remember the original Halloween slasher film from 1978?

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Raccobaby12 8 months ago
Scored 10/10 Michael is an old friend of mine since '78
Kaydee 20 months ago
8/10 I got #5 & #6 wrong I forgot that he changed costumes after he killed his sisters boyfriend in the kitchen (or did he change after he killed his sister?)
TonyClifton 20 months ago
Factoid: The Halloween franchise was initially designed to be a trilogy of three different stories. But when the first one (called "The Babysitter Killer") made a boatload of money, they decided to do a sequel. When they did the third one "Season of the Witch" (which had nothing to do with Michael Myers) it left the audience confused and angry.
LanceMcCrickard 20 months ago
East peasy. I own the movie and watch it several times this time of year! 🎃
You got 10 out of 10

No matter what score you got, maybe stay out of the fictional town of Haddonfield this Halloween.
Greek1 20 months ago
9/10 I thought he wore a bed sheet
Tresix 20 months ago
Perfect score! If they had just left this movie as is, I would have been happy. Haven't liked any of the sequels, although I haven't seen the most recent ones.
TonyClifton Tresix 20 months ago
Please don't. They're awful.
Kergooliewyn 20 months ago
9/10 I've seen this movie several times in my life, and remember it pretty well, though I tricked myself on #9.🎃
countrydelight 20 months ago
6/10 I think I need to watch the movies again
Toot1956 20 months ago
10/10, 1978 version was and still the Best Halloween!!!!!!!!!!
BorisK 20 months ago
10/10 and I prefer the creaky old Universal Frankenstein/Wolf Man films ... Halloween must've seeped-in over all the years.
BenSobeleone BorisK 20 months ago
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman is my # 1 favorite.
JimmyD 20 months ago
8/10 Pretty good considering I can't remember ever sitting down and watching the movie start to finish.
AllisonWunderland 20 months ago
7/10…I saw this in November, 1978 at the Theater 😱 and that was it for me 😜
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