How well do you remember the colors of classic cartoons?

Color us impressed if you can score 8/10.

Classic cartoons connect kids of every age, from Mickey Mouse's crew to the wildest of Looney Tunes.

You could say they're the most colorful characters to continually appear on TV.

That's why we think any true 'toon fan can pass today's color test and guess the right shade for every tiny detail we've blacked out in the images below.

Scroll through and see how many classic cartoon colors you can get right.
  1. The Flintstones was a hit primetime cartoon. What color is Fred Flintstone's tie?
     Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
  2. In classic Disney cartoons, what color is Goofy's hat?
     Image: Disney
  3. On Looney Tunes, Marvin the Martian's considered the opposite of Yosemite Sam. What color is Marvin the Martian's mohawk?
     Image: Warner Bros.
  4. Speaking of Yosemite Sam, what color was the scarf around his neck?
     Image: Warner Bros.
  5. It was rare we saw Yogi Bear without his pal Boo-Boo. What color is Boo-Boo Bear's bow tie?
     Image: Warner Bros.
  6. When Snoopy becomes the Red Baron, what color is his flight cap?
     Image: Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates
  7. The Jetsons was another hit animated primetime show. What color was the dog Astro's collar?
     Image: Warner Bros.
  8. Let's double the mystery for Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Which colors were Daphne and Fred's scarves?
     Image: Warner Bros.
  9. In Winnie the Pooh's world, Roo became popular enough to warrant his own movies. What color was his shirt?
     Image: Walt Disney Home Entertainment
  10. Last question. The Smurfs were so small under Gargamel's feet. Do you remember what color his shoes are?
     Image: Warner Bros.

How well do you remember the colors of classic cartoons?

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DerekBird 35 months ago
You got 6 out of 10
Missed a few, but don't be blue!

I absolutely HATE those little blue non-violet smurfin' Smurfs.
LastCubScout 35 months ago
Snoopy didn't become the Red Baron—he fought the Red Baron in his Sopwith Camel, and usually lost.
DerekBird LastCubScout 35 months ago
Exactly. Hence the reason for the song Snoopy vs. THE RED BARON.
Mukusthebadd1 46 months ago
One out of 10. How sad is that.
I thought I would remember some. Oh well. I'll take the test again after I watch those, and only get eight wrong!
MaryAnn Mukusthebadd1 46 months ago
2/10 for me. I can’t believe how badly I did on this one! I guess I don’t pay attention to detail because I even missed the color of Fred Flintstone’s tie, Snoopy’s flight cap, and Fred and Daphne’s scarves! I’ve watched all of those cartoons within the last 6 months!
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