How well do you remember the Christmas episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show?

Rob, Laura, Sally and Buddy put on a festive show in this classic episode.

The Dick Van Dyke Show broke out of the usual sitcom formula for its fantastic season three Christmas episode. When Rob’s boss tosses out the hilarious script he, Sally, and Buddy worked so hard on, they have to be in the show themselves along with Laura.

It was the perfect excuse to showcase the multitalented Dick Van Dyke Show cast. Mary Tyler Moore shows of her dancing and singing chops, Morey Amsterdam plays the cello, Rose Marie sings a hilarious song and Dick Van Dyke does what he does best — physical comedy.

How well do you know this memorable episode? Try your luck below!

  1. The episode’s title comes from Rob Petrie’s boss named…
  2. Who played Rob’s boss?
  3. Who carries this giant stack of presents into the office?
  4. Why is producer Mel Cooley confused by Buddy’s greeting?
  5. What does Rob do with his tuner after it plays the wrong note?
  6. Which of these kids is part of the Petrie family?
  7. The staff choir sings the same thing over and over. What is it?
  8. What song does Sally sing?
  9. When Sally starts playing during Buddy’s solo, what does he do?
  10. Dick Van Dyke sings he looks just like which comedian?
  11. What Christmas carol does little Ritchie sing?
  12. What does everyone sing at the end?

How well do you remember the Christmas episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show?

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a1k9 12 months ago
12/12 my second best Christmas episode of any sitcom. My favorite Christmas episode if from the Andy Griffith show.
JDWJDW2 12 months ago
One of my favorite episodes. I especially like when the cast members sing and dance to "I am a fine Musician".
RosalindLeeWheeler 12 months ago
12/12 I really like watching this Christmas Show.
STTOS 12 months ago
You got 12 out of 12 - And now, time to present your score. Is it a gift you like or something you'd like to return. I know my DVD!!
Coldnorth 13 months ago
9out of 12. My memory is a bit off today
RichLorn 13 months ago
They cut out the scene where Jerry Helper plays Deck the Halls on his dentist drill.
JDnHuntsvilleAL 13 months ago
Yeah, yeah, 12 out of 12, but NOT my favorite episode. Richie singing "Little Drummer Boy" is especially painful.
Richie really was pa-ROTTEN-pum-pum!
Steve2021 13 months ago
12/12 just aired, Love the rain deer girls pulling santa
AlbertHanson 13 months ago
12/12. That episode was just aired.
MyLoveIainGlen 13 months ago
12 out of 12. I love the series and this was easy for me to solve, adore this episode.
lynngdance 13 months ago
12/12. Seasons Greetings to everyone!
CharleneFrench 13 months ago
6/12. I really can’t stand Dick van Dyke. Very few episodes really hold my attention, so I’m not surprised at my score. Whatever.
WOW, you are TRULY one-in-a-million. Probably one-in-380-million.
CharleneFrench 3 months ago
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leebillyold 13 months ago

leebillyold 13 months ago
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sierra127 13 months ago
Oh I love it !!! That was fun Quizzes Like when rob send them off one by one when they sing as a group
Nala92129 13 months ago
8 out of 12. Didn't love this episode.
gockionni 13 months ago
11/12 - #5, he ate it? Guess I didn’t see that lol
katlovemetv 13 months ago
Had a refresher last night….loved the episode!
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