How well do you really know Hollywood masters of horror?

This quiz is a scream.

In Hollywood history, the titans of horror may be overlooked by the Oscars, but so many dedicated audiences return to their images to be reliably spooked again and again, especially in the month of October.

Are you a total horror movie buff?

We've pulled 10 of the most chilling and innovative directors and writers of horror movies we saw on TV and in theaters from the 1960s to the 1990s. See if you can remember each and every screech and scream that spooked you.

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  1. Alfred Hitchcock was a master of horror when it came to movies and TV. Which of his classic movies is pictured here?
    Image: Universal Pictures
  2. Stephen King's stories made for terrifying television and feature films. Which of his classic movies is pictured here?
    Image: Paramount Pictures
  3. John Carpenter's chilling legacy with Halloween is still being scripted, but which of his other classic films is pictured here?
    Image: Universal Pictures
  4. Tobe Hooper is another reliable source of terrifying films and television. Which of his classic films is pictured here?
    Image: Bryanston Distributing Company
  5. In the horror world, Sam Raimi is regarded as a master of black comedy. Which quirky classic is his?
    Image: New Line Cinema
  6. Wes Craven created modern nightmares for teen slasher fans. Which of his classic films is pictured here?
    Image: Dimension Films
  7. If you love zombie movies, you can thank George A. Romero, who basically invented them. Which of his classic films is pictured here?
    Image: The Walter Reade Organization
  8. When it comes to stylish horror films, Dario Argento stands out. Which artful horror flick is his?
    Image: Produzioni Atlas Consorziate
  9. David Cronenberg is widely regarded as the brains behind "body horror" movies. Which of his classic films is pictured here?
    Image: AVCO Embassy Pictures
  10. Richard Matheson spun chilling tales for The Twilight Zone, as well as many TV movies and feature films. He even teamed up with Steven Spielberg once for which movie?
    Image: Universal Pictures

How well do you really know Hollywood masters of horror?

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Stoney 16 months ago
9 out of 10. Had no idea on Suspira.
Deborah 31 months ago
I’ve always loved horror. When I was 13 I saw The Tingler with Vincent Price, at the Saturday matinee, still one of my favorite horror actors. Every night for months I had to check under my bed to be sure there wasn’t one under there!
james 35 months ago
horror movies and tv thrillers is my passion from when i was 4 yrs old and saw Mighty Joe Young in 1949 i ran out of the picture show and my dad caught me about 2 blocks later i have been hooked ever since
EllisClevenger 35 months ago
You got 9 out of 10.
Surprising because I'm not a fan of horror flicks.
Lacey 35 months ago
Okay, did a bit better than I thought.
Not a "splatter" fan but like good horror.
Mark 35 months ago
7 out of 10. Not bad, considering I'm not much of a horror fan.
Shadowdancer 35 months ago
Not much of a horror fan so I'm surprised I only got Scanners wrong!
Groovy_Chainsaw 35 months ago
10/10 - But I used to manage a video store so I guess I had an edge
Plus, like me, you pick up pointers from Dale and Bill K.
Michael 35 months ago
8/10...needed lucio Fulci.Argento's Suspiria was all around creepy.With the music and colors.Love Goblin.Masters of horror movie music
SheriHeffner 35 months ago
6 out of 10. I have never seen the movies I got wrong.
Alfred 35 months ago
I liked the description of "David Cronenberg is widely regarded as the brains" to describe a film where brains blow up!
daDoctah 36 months ago
I'm not surprised you didn't include Fred Olen Ray. Would have been nice to see some acknowledgment of Don Coscarelli (the "Phantasm" franchise) and Clive Barker ("Hellraiser" among others). And definitely needed to mention Roger Corman.
TheKodakKid daDoctah 35 months ago
daDoctah, surprised you, or whoever wrote this, didn’t note that “Duel” can occasionally be seen on “Svengoolie” on the MeTV network.
CatMomWanda 36 months ago
9/10. I probably would have had 10, but cats were running and hissing. I was looking to see what they were doing and not paying attention, so I missed Scanners. Horror movies are my favorites. I'm actually looking for some good stuff to watch this weekend. You would think everyone would be adding fun stuff for Halloween, but not finding anything new yet.
How 'bout The Screaming Skull, original or MST3K-ed?
Thanks. Maybe I will get a chance to watch this week. So many movies can't succeed in a good scare, so they go for gore, or the worst, a bunch of teenagers with horrible dialogue. About 5 minutes in, I am wondering why they haven't killed them off yet.
EllisClevenger CatMomWanda 35 months ago
A good Horror flick to watch is 'The Others' (2001) with Nicole Kidman.
If you're looking for 'blood 'n guts/slasher, this isn't it.
If you're looking for psychological horror, this is for you.
You'll NEVER look at things the way you used to. Guaranteed.
stephaniestavropoulos 36 months ago
Someone else who was also good was Mario Bava. He created the Giallo {Italian for Mystery movie,} and modern slasher movies. I have seen two of his movies: BLACK SABBATH, which starred Boris Karloff. It's a 3-tale anthology film that Boris supplied the introductions for each story. The other one I saw was THE WHIP AND THE BODY. It starred Christopher Lee. He played Kurt Menliff, a ghost and a son of a sadistic nobleman. Kurt tries to rekindle the romance he had with his ex-lover, who is now married to Kurt's brother. Christopher Lee, as was usually the result, was really good in the role. All the roles I saw him portray, he was good!
RobCertSDSCascap 36 months ago
9/10. Blanked on #8.
A scream out to Goblin; horror movie soundtrack legends!
I missed 8, because I was supervising a would be cat fight and didn't really look at photo good. Oh well. I love a good horror movie. I rarely find one with a good heart pounding scene lately. Hopefully there are some new horror film makers coming. In the past few years, we have lost some of the greats.
CatMomWanda CatMomWanda 36 months ago
I meant 9, Scanners. I wish I could edit.
I know the feeling. They still believe jump scares are effective!
MrsPhilHarris 36 months ago
7/10 Haven't seen a bunch of them.
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