Can you fill in the correct character names for these Green Acres episodes titles?

Are these episodes named for Lisa, Oliver, Eb or even Arnold the Pig?

The classic sixties sitcom Green Acres always kept audiences guessing. It was so wacky that sometimes you never really knew what might happen next!

Here are 20 episode titles from the zany series. Each one features a blank where a character name should go. Try to guess which name goes in each episode title!

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  1. "______ Buys a Farm"
  2. "______’s First Day on the Farm"
  3. "______ Has a Calf"
  4. "______ Discovers the Birds and the Bees"
  5. "Getting Even with ______"
  6. "______’s Vegetable Garden"
  7. "______ Gets Fired"
  8. "______’s Jam Session"
  9. "Love Comes to ______ Ziffel"
  10. "______ vs. the Phone Company"
  11. "______ Elopes"
  12. "______’s New Image"
  13. "______ and ______ Break Up"
  14. "______, Boy Hero"
  15. "A Star Named ______ is Born"
  16. "A Husband for ______"
  17. "The Reincarnation of ______"
  18. "______’s Mudder Comes for a Visit"
  19. "______ and the Cornstalk"
  20. "_____, the Psychologist"

Can you fill in the correct character names for these Green Acres episodes titles?

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lgbyrne1129 31 months ago
9. Not bad considering it was guess work. I think the best part of the show is the theme song. I generally change the channel after the pitchfork thumps. 😆
rickim430 31 months ago
Green Acres it’s silliness stands the test of time.
LadyAgnes 31 months ago
18 out of 20...& I am mad at myself for the two wrong. I watched the show in first-run and have watched it many times in rerun ever since. I still watch & love it! What a great show. I wish they'd team it was Petticoat Junction ....... another favorite of mine
Muleskinner 31 months ago
17/20. One of the funniest shows ever!
CaptainDunsel 31 months ago
I wasn't a huge watcher of GA.
TheDavBow3 31 months ago
10/20 Awfull! Need to watch Green Acres more, I guess 😉
Big3Fan 31 months ago
17/20 Mostly guesses. I just tried to pick what felt like the most obvious choice. As a kid I always enjoyed the episodes when Mr. Kimball would show up in his Ford Bronco roadster and proceed to confuse Oliver. Alvy Moore was great in that part.
Runeshaper 31 months ago
9/20 = OUCH! LOL Didn't watch the show, but it looks interesting.
teire 31 months ago
14/20, pretty much all guesses (slightly educated guesses). A lot of Lisas. “Times Square!”
BrittReid 31 months ago
16/20. Alf and Ralph Monroe.
Inrodwetrust 31 months ago
10/20 have never watched a full episode all guesses 😊
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