How well do you know the stars of Charlie's Angels?

Was it Farrah, Kate, Jaclyn, Cheryl, Shelley or Tanya?

Charlie's Angels are the ultimate trio of female crime-fighters. The original series treated us to twice that number, as six super stars portrayed the agents of Townsend Agency. 

You might know them as Jill, Sabrina, Kelly, Kris, Tiffany and Julie. They were portrayed by Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts. The hit show made them all icons, but they were doing big things before landing on Charlie's Angels.

Let's see how well you know the career of these six actors. Try to match the correct Angel to these trivia tidbits! Good luck!
  1. She posed with a red swimsuit and a blanket to make one of the best-selling posters of all time.
     Image: AP Photo
  2. She went on to star in 'Scarecrow and Mrs. King.'
  3. She created a lucrative women's apparel and home furnishings line for Kmart.
  4. Before the Angels, she had a role on 'Harry O' playing Harry's neighbor.
  5. She appeared in 'Logan's Run' a few months before the 'Charlie's Angels' premiere.
  6. She was the singing voice of Melody (the blonde drummer) in the 1970 cartoon 'Josie and the Pussycats.'
  7. She was the only Angel nominated for an Emmy for her acting on 'Charlie's Angels.'
     Image: AP Photo
  8. She made her screen debut in 'Dark Shadows' and movie debut in 'Night of Dark Shadows.'
  9. She had a Top 40 hit in 1978 with the song "Think It Over."
  10. Funny enough, she appeared in ads for Charlie perfume before becoming a Charlie's Angel.
  11. She appeared in commercials for Breck shampoo in the 1970s.
  12. She played Bond girl Stacey Sutton in 'A View to a Kill.'
  13. She made her movie debut with a small role in 'Annie Hall.'
  14. She played Jackie Kennedy in the 1981 TV movie 'Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.'
  15. She sang the national anthem at Super Bowl XIV.
  16. She was born Victoria Leigh Blum.

How well do you know the stars of Charlie's Angels?

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DeborahRoberts 4 months ago
16/16 ... something of a surprise.
DIGGER1 33 months ago
How well do you know the stars of Charlie's Angels?
You got 16 out of 16
Nice job! You were ready for action and on fire!
richardkel 55 months ago
15/16. Guessed on a few. When it came to anyone singing, I picked Cheryl Ladd. She was the only one ever heard sing. When it came to acting talent, it was Jackson, hands down. Loved her in Dark Shadows, The Rookies, and Scarecrow and Mrs. King.
Lucyneenah19701 58 months ago
7 out of 16.
Geronimo Lucyneenah19701 58 months ago
STTOS 58 months ago
You got 14 out of 16 - Nice job! You were ready for action and on fire! Missed #s 4 and 8. Holy cow, I can't believe I did that well. Just glad that the questions were about the actresses themselves and not about which angel did what on the show itself. Never would have got those.
MrBill 58 months ago
10/16; not too bad - had to guess on most as I did not follow any of their careers that much.
Allison 58 months ago
13/16 surprised myself lol
MichaelNivens Allison 58 months ago
Lol - I only got 12/16 and I guessed at a couple. Kept waiting for Tanya as Midge on That 70's show
EllisClevenger 58 months ago
You got 13 out of 16
Nice job! You were ready for action and on fire!
Missed #7, #11, and #16.
Jeremy 58 months ago
The only one I missed was the "Emmy-nominated" question and as far as the Harry O question is concerned, that stumped me for a while. So much so that I passed on it and went back to it after I answered all of the others as if I were in a bonus round, trying to win the grand prize with so little time left. When I went back to it and looked over the choices, I thought, "If one of them had to be a neighbor for a show like that, a show that you'd want to succeed, wouldn't you want someone that the viewers would easily remember; at least, memorable enough to become a question on this here quiz?" And so I thought out of all of them, Farrah would certainly be the most memorable and I don't think I need to tell you the reasons why. I was right.
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