How well do you know the places mentioned on The Andy Griffith Show?

See if you remember these small towns and big cities from the sitcom.

Most of The Andy Griffith Show took place in Mayberry. But, shucks, Mayberry wasn't a remote isle like Gilligan's Island. There were nearby towns, big cities up the road, and the occasional vacation.

How well do you remember all the plots of The Andy Griffith Show? Try to get an A+ on Ms. Crump's geography quiz!

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  1. Let's start easy. The town of Mayberry is located in which state?
  2. In the opening credits, Andy and Opie are walking to this popular fishing location.
  3. Future wife Helen Crump is introduced in an episode called "Andy Discovers _________?"
  4. Andy goes to see his old pal in "A Visit to Barney Fife." Where is Barney living?
  5. Andy, Opie and Aunt Bee watch the filming of 'Sheriff Without a Gun' in this city.
  6. In "Sheriff Barney," which nearby town wants Barney to be their sheriff?
  7. The "Fun Girls" live in this nearby town.
  8. In the very first episode, "The New Housekeeper," Aunt Bee moves from Morgantown to Mayberry. Which state is she from?
  9. After Aunt Bee wins a vacation in the Tampico Tamale Contest, she travels with Clara and Myrtle to this city.
  10. Barney's cousin Virgil comes to visit from this state.
  11. In "Alcohol and Old Lace," Clarabelle tells Andy and Barney that Ben Sewell's still is located here.

How well do you know the places mentioned on The Andy Griffith Show?

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Dysall 1 month ago
11/11. Guessed correctly on #10.
RedSamRackham 19 months ago
* Hollywood is not a city. It is part of Los Angeles!
Steveman68 25 months ago
10/11...couldn't remember where Virgil was from.
Douglas 26 months ago
9/11! missed numbers 9 and 11.
Wiseguy 59 months ago
This is the second recent quiz where the "take quiz" link goes to a Brady Bunch quiz but the "how well do you know..." link goes here.
Wiseguy 59 months ago
Got 10 green check marks but score only was 9/11.
EricFuller 59 months ago
10/11. Mt. Pilot was where the action was.
Tony EricFuller 58 months ago
It was even more exciting than Pixley.
bringbackWKRP 59 months ago
11 for 11 on this one. Please consider bringing back WKRP this Fall.
Allison 59 months ago
11/11 I'm surprised myself. A LOT of guesses.
legion1a 59 months ago
At least I got some lucky numbers!
jholton30062 59 months ago
10/11. Didn't remember where Ben's still was...
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