Which Christmas tree color is your go-to for the cheerful season?

Answer these questions and we'll tell you if you're a green or white tree person.


When the holiday season comes around, many people are ecstatic because, you know, it's the most wonderful time of the year. It might not seem like it, but picking a tree color is very important. It's the core of holiday decorations and brings the most joyous atmosphere to your home.

There are two primary colors: green and white. There are often debates about which one sets the perfect jolly setting, but of course, you can choose whichever you want based on the one that fits your mood.

Answer these jolly season questions, and we'll tell you if you're the type of person to have a green or white Christmas tree. Good luck!

  1. What's your mood when it snows on Christmas day?
  2. What's your thoughts when you see ugly Christmas sweaters?
  3. Which flavor candy cane would you put on your tree?
  4. How do you feel about Christmas music?
  5. What type of Christmas episodes do you enjoy watching?
  6. Do you leave cookies out for Santa?
  7. How many Christmas movies have you seen?
  8. What do you wear on Christmas day?
  9. How do you end your Christmas night?
  10. What's one food you HAVE to eat on Christmas?

Which Christmas tree color is your go-to for the cheerful season?

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Lillyrose 16 months ago
I'm a traditional, green tree person.
Dajj 17 months ago
I’m enjoying my traditional green Christmas tree with a manger underneath. Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.
bj1606 17 months ago
Yep me too I love ❤️ the small multi colored lights I even use Halloween lights .
LisaS 17 months ago
Traditional green tree girl!
JHP 17 months ago
oh NO! aint a white tree person

am old enuf to love the Old lady alum xmas tree (and the rotating color light doo dad) - wish I had one like that
Runeshaper 17 months ago
You're a traditional, green tree person! SO TRUE! (-:

When it comes to Christmas, you love to go the old-fashioned way! You like to keep things traditional and focus on the true meaning of the holiday: giving and being grateful.
Inrodwetrust 17 months ago
White tree yes gold and silver no. Red ornaments & blue lights or visa versa
RobertK 17 months ago
Green! Nailed it! (My avatar wouldn't be so happy if they picked white...)
I love the sight and smell of fresh Christmas tree lots! When I was a kid, I always learned a few new "words" watching my Dad tie it to the roof of the Pontiac!!!
BrianMoore 17 months ago
Apparently, I'm a "glorious white tree person" that likes it decorated with
~Silver and gold~
~Silver and gold~
KJExpress 17 months ago
I had to fudge some of the answers, but I got a green tree, which is what my we've always had in my family.
Coldnorth 17 months ago
What about purple foil. I had one a few years ago. Purple is my favorite color
nerakr 17 months ago
According to the quiz, I'm a white tree person. NOT!
BorisK 17 months ago
My #1 favorite Christmas present as a kid was getting an Aurora Monster Model Kit -- and for years I just wanted the same Frankenstein, Wolf Man or Dracula kit year-after-year. To this day I think of old monster model kits on Christmas -- guess it's my 'Rosebud'.
CarolKelley 17 months ago
I put real peppermint canes on my tree. My terrier Lucy liked to steal them off the tree each year, hide them away, and bring them out in July to eat. Now I put a candy cane for each family dog and cat who has died on the tree. These are the Lucy Memorial Candy Canes and I do this each year since we lost our dear Lucy.
Bless your heart, I’ve been there…that is so sweet ❤️
Wendy57 CarolKelley 17 months ago
Very sentimental and sweet.
JHP CarolKelley 17 months ago
so you never had ants in your house?
BrittReid 17 months ago
White Tree?.....NO Way
BorisK BrittReid 17 months ago
Sure, they're great as an alternate. A white tree with red ornaments and a color wheel shining on it is a favorite 60s memory!
johnkov 17 months ago
Traditional Green. Guess I'm an old fart.
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