How well do you know the Opie episode of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.?

Opie runs away all the way to California in this classic crossover.


It’s common for spinoff shows to have crossover episodes with other series that share the same TV “universe.” Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and The Andy Griffith Show are no exception.

In one memorable story, Opie Taylor hitches a ride on a plane and makes it all the way to California where Gomer is stationed. Naturally, Sgt. Carter is none too pleased.

How well do you remember “Opie Joins the Marines?” Test your Gomer Pyle knowledge with this quiz!

  1. Why does Sergeant Carter tell his men to be on their best behavior?
  2. Carter says there are going to be two people watching Gomer: Sgt. Carter and who?
  3. How did Opie get from North Carolina to the barracks in California?
  4. Where does Opie hide when Sgt. Carter comes in?
  5. If Opie can’t use the motel telephone, what does Gomer suggest Opie do if he needs something?
  6. Why does Gomer frantically run to Sgt. Carter’s quarters first thing in the morning?
  7. Opie says he specifically wanted to join Gomer’s platoon because…
  8. Why does a reporter want to write about Opie joining the Marines?
  9. Before Tommy Farrell played this reporter on 'Gomer Pyle' he was Riff Ryan the record store owner on what show?
  10. Gomer says two of his favorite people are meeting face to face when Andy meets…

How well do you know the Opie episode of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.?

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RedSamRackham 19 months ago
* After that episode "Opie Cunningham" later joined the USMC on a M*A*S*H episode. "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet" is episode #17 of the first season of the TV series M*A*S*H.
VanealMorrow 24 months ago
I guess Gomer didn't know Andy and Sgt. Carter already met.
Toot1956 25 months ago
9/10 misssed an easy one. Q 9 had nothing to do with the episode.
ClassicTVnut 25 months ago
8/10. Not bad. I guess I won't be going to the brig.
Mark091 26 months ago
On GOMER Pyle USMC Cpl Nick
Cuccinelli played by Tommy Leonetti
And Cpl Chuck Boyle played by
Roy Stuart BOTH Disappeared from
the show with no explanation.
Mark091 Mark091 26 months ago
Lou Ann POOVIE (Elizabeth MacRae) Boyle(Roy Stuart)
Nick Cuccinelli)Tommy Leonetti)and Hacker Allan Melvin were great Characters on GP USMC.
327053 Mark091 24 months ago
Wished Sergeant Hacker had more of a starring role instead of supporting.☹️
genie12 26 months ago
I missed the first question.but got the rest.
MrBill 26 months ago
7/10; not too bad a score - I have only seen the episode once and it has been awhile.
RichLorn 26 months ago
That fits. I only watched 7/10ths of the episode.
robyni23 26 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Whether your answers were in tip-top shape or a little sloppy, it's never a bad idea to watch more Gomer Pyle!
MikefromJersey 26 months ago
9 for 10.
Man, Tommy Farrell was like the most as Beatnik store owner Biff Ryan on Dobie Gillis.
He was the ginchiest, you dig? Like, nervous. Kookie and Mort Sahl would hang at Biff's
I am loving MeTV Plus! Hawaii 5-0, 77 Sunset Strip and Hawaiian Eye make for
an exciting entertainment bloc every night from 8 - 11 PM.
I especially like the crossover episodes between sister series 77 Sunset Strip
and Hawaiian Eye. Throw in all the great guest stars and sultry Connie Stevens
and bob's your uncle. Ya done good, MeTV guys.
So why aren't you promoting it? Somebody's asleep at the switch.
Hello, McFly?
JustGeri 26 months ago
9/10…I’ll take it. #2 tripped me up.
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