Are these episodes of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. or zany Sixties comedy films?

Do you know “Cat Overboard” from “The Monkey’s Uncle”?

The Sixties was a sidesplitting decade for comedy fans. Not only were their hilarious sitcoms like Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. on TV, comedians like Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller and Jerry Lewis brought laughs to the silver screen year after year.

Each movie seemed like it was trying to outdo the next as the concepts got more outlandish with each release. Surfer comedies, kooky scientists, spy spoofs, globe-trotting adventures and all kinds of animal antics dominated the box office.

We’ve taken titles of Gomer Pyle episodes and mixed them up with the names of funny flicks from the Sixties. Can you tell the difference?

  1. The Disorderly Orderly
  2. Freddy’s Friendly Computer
  3. Third Finger, Left Loaf
  4. Boeing Boeing
  5. Love and Goulash
  6. The Monkey’s Uncle
  7. Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!
  8. Sue the Pants Off 'Em
  9. The April Fools
  10. Cat Overboard

Are these episodes of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. or zany Sixties comedy films?

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Debbie 12 months ago
Well golly that was easy. I got all 10 😁
Publix1984 Debbie 8 months ago
Shazam,good job
MikeCole 13 months ago
7 out of 10 pretty sloppy!!
Supercat58 13 months ago
No problem. I wish they’d put Gomer on iTunes. The dvds are a hassle
Otis49 14 months ago
9/10 The Monkey's Uncle spoiled it.
DanDolgin 14 months ago
Only 6 / 10 and I watch Gomer Pyle as a favorite but don't know too many of the shows by their individual titles. I also knew a few of the movies by their titles, probably because I saw the films.
Supercat58 15 months ago
Got all 10. Only one or two were semi-guesses.
Coldnorth 15 months ago
What a bummer dude I only got half right. Hanging my head in shame.
gockionni 15 months ago
10/10 but only because I recognized the movie titles, not the episode titles
annabelgoddard 15 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
You did doggone good on this quiz! Great job!
Love Gomer Pyle and all of MeTv
ELEANOR 16 months ago
So who pays attention to the episode titles? I got 8/10 because they alternated Gomer Pyle titles with zany comedy films. The only comedy film that I remember is "Operation Petticoat." Yes, filmed in 1959 but technically qualifies as a '60's film.
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