How well do you know the Andy Griffith Show episode ''The Big House''?

Do you remember all the details about this hilarious episode?


The classic Andy Griffith Show episode "The Big House" aired on May 6, 1963. Just over 57 years ago! It involves Barney taking charge of the jail to guard prisoners captured by State Police.

Despite Barney’s hardnosed attitude, the prisoners escape multiple times. Gomer lends a hand but isn’t much more help than Barney!

How well do you know this particular episode? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of “The Big House.”

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  1. How do Andy and Barney first hear that the prisoners are coming to Mayberry?
  2. Barney deputizes Gomer and does what to help convince Andy that Gomer is ready?
  3. True or false: this is the first time Gomer wears a uniform as a temporary deputy.
  4. How many prisoners do Barney and Gomer have to guard in the beginning of the episode?
  5. What does Barney call the jail?
  6. Barney tells the inmates to follow two rules, the first being “obey all rules.” What’s the second rule?
  7. Barney assigns Gomer a lookout post outside the jail. Where is Gomer positioned?
  8. How do the prisoners escape the first time?
  9. How do the prisoners escape the second time?
  10. A running gag throughout the episode involves Gomer doing what?
  11. Which 1960s film actor from ‘The Dirty Dozen’ appears in this episode?

How well do you know the Andy Griffith Show episode ''The Big House''?

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JanTucker 49 months ago
There were 11 questions, I missed 2, and it said I got 9 out of 10?
MikeFranklin 50 months ago
Got all 11. Guess on one, but got it. Great episode for sure especially Gomer dropping the gun.
Evan 50 months ago
8/10. The first rule: obey all rules! The second.....uh
peetarogers 51 months ago
why did they take my three sons off?
Jeffrey 51 months ago
the only one with true Brillance on the show portayed the nuttiest character - Howard Morris
Boonedepenbrock 51 months ago
10 out of 10 one of my FAVORITE TAGS episodes
EllisClevenger 51 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Were you paying close attention or did a couple answers slip by?
Missed #6.
Checking answers, I got 10/11.
Checking the assessment, I got 9/10.
Where does the truth, lie?
CRTRAVIS 51 months ago
What a great show this was a true classic
Jeffrey 51 months ago
Barney yells?
C'mon ,,,wno doesnt he yell at? Otis? Yeah...His BOSS? Yeah...Gomer? Yeah,,, Aunt Bee? yeah.. Opie? yeah The mayor? Yeah..The bank Pres? Yeah,,, Theima Lou? Yeah...
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