The Mayberry Trivia Challenge: How well do you know Barney Fife?

Do you have the skills to match Andy Griffith Show trivia world champion "Mayberry Mike"?


The 60th-anniversary celebration of The Andy Griffith Show continues. Are you a fan? Do you know Mayberry?

Let's see how your Mayberry wisdom matches up to Mayberry enthusiast and two-time world Andy Griffith Show trivia champion Mike Haviland, pictured above holding trophies.

"Mayberry Mike" wrote five rounds of questions for the ultimate fans. Put your knowledge to the test! 

Round One — How well do you know Sheriff Andy?

It's time for Round Two — How well do you know Barney Fife?

Tune in to see the best of Deputy Barney Fife throughout week two of MeTV's Month of Mayberry, May 11–15 at 8PM | 7C.

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  1. What was Barney's famous saying?
  2. What is Barney's address in Mayberry?
  3. Who was Barney's first girlfriend in Mayberry? (Hint: He thought he had to impress her by making his first arrest.)
  4. Barney was once a door to door salesman selling what product?
  5. What did Barney call Aunt Bee's homemade pickles?
  6. What did "Fun Girl" Skippy often call Barney?
  7. What did they give Barney for his 5th anniversary as a deputy?
  8. Barney was thrown out of Mrs. Mendelbright's Boarding House for cooking what?
  9. Gomer made a citizen's arrest of Barney for what violation?
  10. What did Barney order from the fancy restaurant where he and Andy ate at in Raleigh?
  11. Who was with Barney when he was overtaken by three female escaped prisoners?
  12. What was the total price that Barney paid for the car he bought from Mrs. Lesh?
  13. Why did Barney ticket the governor's car?
  14. What did Barney claim his specialty shot was with a sling shot?
  15. Whose phone number did Barney have written down on his citation pad that he kept in his hat?
  16. Who did Barney arrest for jaywalking?
  17. What was the name of Barney's so called bloodhound?
  18. What was the name of the 18th-century gypsy spirit that Barney claimed granted wishes?
  19. Barney bought a WW1 motorcycle to catch speeders on what highway?
  20. Who was Barney's clumsy cousin from New Jersey?
  21. Barney claimed to have written a column in his school newspaper. What was the column called?
  22. What town offered Barney a job to be Sheriff?
  23. What was the license plate number on the call Barney bought from Mrs. Lesh?
  24. What are the karate moves Barney learned from the book 'The Art of Karate'?
  25. Name the three instruments that Barney played in the show.

The Mayberry Trivia Challenge: How well do you know Barney Fife?

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AngellicA 27 months ago
Love Andy and Barney...It never gets old....
JHP 44 months ago
21 & 23 gave me the POW POW POW

#21 still am wondering about - I thought it had to do with baseball
Sunflower48 46 months ago
I enjoyed the quiz. A couple of them I didn't know. but it is fun yo do.
MrDave909 46 months ago
18 out of 25 what a loser I am Lol
Pvtimz 47 months ago
24/25. Mrs Lesh's license plate! C'mon man
alearn 47 months ago
It wasn't a gold watch. It was a "stainless steel" watch that they gave to Barney on his 5th Anniversary in the Mayberry Police Department. I checked "GOLD" even though it's not right and it said correct. It is INCORRECT! *BLAH!* I don't want anymore of these questions then if they aren't even correct! :p
JHP alearn 44 months ago
not only that - you are correct - WHO in the name of Otis could afford a gold watch?!?

gees louise
Tommy 47 months ago
Got them all. Barney was gold on the show. Although was always good never was the same after he left
Olivia 47 months ago
Barney is my favorite! Missed 2.
byeurgate 47 months ago
It wasn't a sterling silver watch nor a gold watch. It was a stainless steel waterproof watch with the number 5 engraved on the back for his five years in the force.
47 months ago
Got Barney's specialty slingshot & Mrs. Lesh's license plate # wrong.
DavidBarker 47 months ago
24 of 25...missed the license plate number of the car he bought...
EdmundMonaghan 47 months ago
Like Andy Griffith said. When Don Knott's left. So did the spirit and soul
EdmundMonaghan 47 months ago
Poor Warren and even Goober were unsatisfactory replacements.
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