How well do you know Rose Marie?

Are you brushed up on this star of yesteryear?

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Rose Marie was a stage, radio and screen legend during her career that spanned an impossible ten decades. As a child star in the wake of the silent era, "Baby" Rose Marie was already a celebrity at just 5-years-old. With a hit radio show and a handful of film roles, nobody could've predicted that Rose Marie would continue to work throughout the following 80 years.

How well do you know the icon who played Sally Rogers on the Dick Van Dyke Show? Find out whether you truly know(s Marie) Rose Marie!

  1. At age five, Rose Marie was offered a seven-year contract to be a radio star for which broadcast network?
  2. At what age did Rose Marie first retire?
  3. Rose Marie starred in Broadway's Top Banana alongside which performer?
  4. Rose Marie was also a style icon! Which accessory was most associated with her time on The Dick Van Dyke Show?
  5. Rose Marie's musician husband, Bobby Guy, played which instrument in the NBC Orchestra?
  6. Rose Marie and Dick Van Dyke Show co-star Morey Amsterdam once appeared in which little-remembered FOX sitcom?
  7. Rose Marie was an eye for talent. Which McHale's Navy star did she discover?
  8. Which comedian's first job in California was thanks to Rose Marie's help?
  9. Which of the following luminaries did NOT tour with Rose Marie as part of the 4 Girls 4 revue from 1977-1985?
  10. Which animated TV show featured Rose Marie's final performance?

How well do you know Rose Marie?

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