How well do you know Perry Mason actress Barbara Hale?

Hale began her career at 21 and didn't look back.

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There might not ever be a legal secretary better than Della Street. The role played by Barbara Hale became a crucial part of the series Perry Mason. She considered quitting acting before she got the role, but it came just in time.

We know all about Della and how helpful she was on the show, but how well do you know Barbara Hale?

Good luck!

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  1. Where was Hale born?
  2. What did she want to be before becoming an actress?
  3. When did she move to Hollywood?
  4. Which movie was her film debut, although it was uncredited?
  5. Which show did she make an appearance on?
  6. What was her final film role?
  7. Which Frank Sinatra film was Hale's first credited role?
  8. What Emmy category did she win an award for her role in Perry Mason?
  9. Which series did she NOT make an appearance on?
  10. How many episodes of Perry Mason did Hale appear on during its nine seasons?

How well do you know Perry Mason actress Barbara Hale?

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