How well do you know Greg Brady's Thanksgiving movie project?

Move over, Peanuts – the Bradys have a Thanksgiving film for the ages!


Nothing brings a family together quite like a big school project, and the Bradys are just the kind of family to go all-in on a homework assignment. Especially for Thanksgiving. In "The Un-Underground Movie," towards to end of the episode, the audience gets to see the fruit of the Bradys' labor when Greg shows them his home movie.

While it may have only made it to the living-room screen, the film is still a sweet reminder that a lot can be accomplished when the whole family lends a hand. 

We want to know if you remember the details — the tiny details — about this scene from the Brady Bunch Thanksgiving episode. Give it your best shot!

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  1. Who is asked to turn off the lights?
  2. Which Brady needs to be reminded to stay in their seat?
  3. How many bowls of popcorn does Alice distribute?
  4. Greg gives his film two titles. The first is "Our Pilgrim Fathers." What is the second title of his movie?
  5. What did this shot in the film represent?
  6. What did Greg add to his movie to make it like "those real arty movies"?
  7. What does Carol Brady say during her close-up, slow-motion moment?
  8. What material did they use as snow for their snow storm?
  9. What does Mike Brady jokingly say to call him during this shot?
  10. After the snow storm hits and the pilgrims become more ill, how many times does Greg say the word "sicker"?
  11. Which Brady is NOT in this scene?
  12. Accordingly to the narration in the movie, what are the names of the Native Americans who meet the Pilgrims after their harsh winter is over?
  13. Carol jokes that Mike reminds her of a historical figure in this scene. Which leader does she tease with?
  14. What is the name of the captain who asks the settlers if they would like to travel back to England on the Mayflower?
  15. Upon turning in his project, what grade did Greg receive for his film?

How well do you know Greg Brady's Thanksgiving movie project?

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KathyMcKinny 54 months ago
They really MESSED UP. # 11 Who is NOT in this scene?? The "correct" answer is Peter although Peter is lying RIGHT THERE IN FRONT of the picture. Really hard to do well, when the answers are completely wrong. #8 is WRONG ALSO. It IS painted white corn flakes......NOT packing peanuts. If you look close, you can see it's flakes!!! The ones who make the quizzes really ought to WATCH THE SHOW BEFORE they make the quizzes.
Glenn KathyMcKinny 54 months ago
I agree the snow was painted cornflakes, but that sure looks like Bobby and not Peter in the photo. I could be wrong but that's what I can see.
Emily 54 months ago

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leebillyold 54 months ago
Have different questions please🙂
MrsPhilHarris 54 months ago
7/15 I only remembered one of them.
Popups 54 months ago
9 out of 15 wow! Said I definitely remember this movie.....never saw it. 😊
MikeG 54 months ago
For the snow, in the story, the kids tell their parents they used corn flakes spray painted white and instant potatoes. But in reality, on the set, it was packing peanuts.
KathyMcKinny MikeG 54 months ago
IT'S WRONG.....they should have the answer as what the say in the show. They said corn flakes.....answer should BE CORN FLAKES. Actually if you look IS corn flakes......NOT packing peanuts. THIS ANSWER IS WRONG!!
KMT6600 54 months ago
I really enjoy the Brady Bunch !
KMT6600 54 months ago
I got all right for The Brady thanksgiving ! but it took two times 2 do it ! ha, ha !
anthony 54 months ago
10/15/.Imagine what I could have done if I seen this episode.
Moody 54 months ago
7/15. As long as you know the main plot points, there's no need to bemoan the small stuff. Good effort! Finally, a Brady Bunch quiz I didn't know much about. There's hope for me yet!
teire Moody 54 months ago
jojo68 54 months ago
At first, I was not going to take this quiz. I knew I would get all of them wrong. I took it anyway. Somehow, I ending up getting 8/15.
AllisonWunderland jojo68 54 months ago
9/15...I didn't do much better 😂
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