How well do you know the kids of Mayberry?

Try to name all these adolescent characters of The Andy Griffith Show!


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  1. Who is this sandwich-loving cowboy?
  2. This longtime friend of Opie's made his debut in "Andy Discovers America."
  3. He moved to town late in the series — and became the main kid on 'Mayberry R.F.D.'
  4. She was Opie's date — for a time — in "Opie's First Love."
  5. Opie had a crush on her in "The Rivals."
  6. He was the "spoiled kid" in "Opie and the Spoiled Kid."
  7. He was the "bully" in "Opie and the Bully."
  8. He was the bully in "One-Punch Opie."
  9. Ronnie Dapo played this friend to Opie.
  10. Opie got jealous when Andy spent time with this boy in "Andy and Opie's Pal."

How well do you know the kids of Mayberry?

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Wufferduck 6 months ago
Meredith Burgess? Who thought of that name. Lol I love it.
RedSamRackham 19 months ago
* WRONG! Ronnie Dapo was the spoiled kid. the 2nd Arnold in question #9 was Sheldon Golomb. BUT I scored 10 of 10!
LanceMcCrickard 39 months ago
I answered it correctly, but #9 is not Ronnie Dapo. That is Sheldon Collins. He played Arnold Bailey.

How well do you know the kids of Mayberry?

You got 10 out of 10
DeeG 50 months ago
9/10.... Anyone remember Clint Howard in his own show? It was called "Gentle Ben" and was based in Florida. What a family!
MikefromJersey 50 months ago
9 for 10. Poor Clint Howard, when he hit middle age he went bald and looked like his Star Trek
character. He now looks like the spawn between Shrek and Alf's homely little sister.
DavidBarker 50 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Smoothly done, partner!
RoberttheWallace 50 months ago
The drink, Clint served them in " Star Trek " was Tranya--Not Tanya!
RoberttheWallace 50 months ago
9/10: Excellent trivia, 'cept where was
the girl Opie said was the prettiest one in school--the one with the missing tooth? Oh well, can't remember them all. Nice that Ron's brother Clint could be on the show now and then! He was cool with that sandwich trying to offer it to others!
He was in a pretty good " Star Trek " episode as the Captain of his ship, giving Kirk, Spock, and McCoy ' Tanya ' { looked like that powdered orange drink " Tang " I believe }; then that horror flick " Evilspeak " was also entertaining!
RobinHite 50 months ago
10/10 Love this show I forgot about Opies friends. Now I’ll google
STARFIGHTER77 51 months ago
Kids in the MAYBERRY SCRIPT ...." CINCH !-"
Jose 51 months ago
7/10 Arnold the spoiled brat was a good piece of acting. Pounding his fist on the sheriff's desk, wow!
STTOS 51 months ago
You got 10 out of 10. Smoothly done, partner! Knew the first nine but had to think for a moment about number 10. I knew there was a kid named Trey but had to remember that it wasn't the name of the runaway kid from a very early episode. Plus they don't really look alike anyway.
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