How much do you really remember about Jan Brady?

Help Jan Brady get past her middle child syndrome.

The middle daughter on The Brady Bunch experienced all kinds of growing pains, especially since she had to emerge from "her sister's shadow." But we all know that Jan got through the bumps of adolescence just fine, or at least, anyone who watched enough of the show would know!

Sound like you? See if you can track some of Jan's most memorable plots and emerge with new confidence in your unique talents! Good luck!

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  1. The very first Jan-centric episode is called “Katchoo.” What did they blame for Jan sneezing?
  2. In another first season episode, Jan receives a mysterious piece of jewelry in the mail. What was it?
  3. In the second season, Jan invents an imaginary boyfriend named:
  4. In “The Not-So-Ugly Duckling,” which of her features makes Jan frown the most?
  5. In “Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up,” what color wig does Jan wear?
  6. In “Her Sister’s Shadow,” Jan enters what kind of contest to outdo Marcia?
  7. In the third season, Jan discovers she looks just like her Carol’s aunt. What was her aunt’s name?
  8. In a fourth season episode, Jan has which wish when it comes to her family?
  9. In “Amateur Nite,” Jan goofs up and calculates the cost of the silver platter to be what amount?
  10. In “Miss Popularity,” does Jan win the school popularity contest?

How much do you really remember about Jan Brady?

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Rickey 4 months ago
You got 7 out of 10
Oh no, being overlooked is Jan's nightmare!
EricFuller 4 months ago
8/10. Jan was hotter than Marcia.
Larry 4 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Jan hopes that gave you a boost of confidence!
EllisClevenger 10 months ago
You got 7 out of 10
Oh no, being overlooked is Jan's nightmare!
My score proves one thing.
I did not watch 'The Brady Bunch'.
Not then, nor now.
Allison 10 months ago
10/10 All is right in the world, I know my BB trivia! lol
Geronimo 10 months ago
I had better got all them right...........................10/10
cperrynaples 10 months ago
This might not be the perfect page for this post, but I have to say this: Did anyone see Ellen's Game of Games where the contestant couldn't name the Brady boys? Ellen knew them and so do we...LOL!!!
Geronimo cperrynaples 10 months ago
Who cares jerk
cperrynaples Geronimo 10 months ago
No need to be rude, it was a Brady post! You were very nasty to Stephanie, no surprise that pose was deleted!
Tresix 10 months ago
7/10. I remember in my teens, I wanted Jan...BADLY!
UTZAAKE 10 months ago
5/10. Foiled by 2, 4, 5, 9 and 10.
Geronimo UTZAAKE 10 months ago
You are a real dummy
anthony 10 months ago
9/10.Turns out I really know a lot more about Jan Brady then I thought.Got em all right till the last one.
ETristanBooth 10 months ago
Actually, 85 cents was not the cost of the platter itself, but the cost of the engraving. She thought it was 85 cents for the whole engraving, but it was 85 cents per letter.
SheriHeffner 10 months ago
10 out of 10. Jan is my favorite Brady girl.
TVFF 10 months ago
Got them all right except for the last one. Marcia used to be my main crush on the Brady Bunch, but by the end of the series I it was Jan. Maybe it was those great plaid pants.
SheriHeffner TVFF 10 months ago
I thought Jan was prettier than Marcia.
TVFF SheriHeffner 10 months ago
I agree, by season 5 Jan was the prettiest and she seemed more approachable than Marcia, too.
cperrynaples TVFF 10 months ago
Yes, Maureen didn't like Marcia but Eve loved to play Jan! Yes, she didn't do BBH, but everyone should have said no...LOL!!
LindseyGilliganColumbo 10 months ago
Jan was a classic! 8/10, forget about Aunt Jenny, and never saw the popularity one. I remember the secret admirer one, SPOILERS (if you haven't seen it) Alice gave her the locket.
cperrynaples 10 months ago
5/10, and let me comment on every question. [1] I knew that they blamed Tiger, but I think the culprit was shampoo! [2] I mixed up locket and bracelet, and i'm sure I'm not alone! [3]The most famous Brady joke of all! I'm sure it inspired Usual Suspects, clearly Spacey was pulling a George Glass! [4] Did anyone remember the freckles? [5] Who can forget that wig? [6] She's holding the essay in her hands! [7] Didn't Jenny turn into Imogene Coca? [8]Didn't chose that answer because it seemed too mean. Now if she had wished to be an only sister... [9] Even in the '70's, could you really think a silver platter was 85 cents? [10] Of course she wouldn't win, it's always 'Marcia, Marcia, Marcia"....LOL!!!
But Jan did win. Something Marcia never did become, {so far as we know;} Miss Popularity.
I think I must have mixed up my answer on 10, so i'm sorry! I stand by the other 9 statements!
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