Are these the names of Pink Panther cartoons or paint colors?

Do you know the difference between Lucky Pink, Coral Pink and Pickled Pink?

Classic 1960s Pink Panther cartoons had a wide range of plots. Sometimes there were simple conflicts about gardening and sometimes they were mini espionage thrillers. Regardless of the story, the one constant was that "pink" would be somewhere in the title.

We've gathered the titles of classic Pink Panther cartoons and mixed them up with common paint colors from the leading paint brands.

Can you tell the difference between the cartoons and the colors?

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Are these the names of Pink Panther cartoons or paint colors?

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moax429 19 months ago
Perfect 20/20. I knew all the Pink Panther shorts' names. (No "Little Beaux Pink?")
DIGGER1 22 months ago
Are these the names of Pink Panther cartoons or paint colors?
You got 19 out of 20
Feel like redecorating or is that enough pink for one day?
Dajj 24 months ago
15/20 I can’t beleive the names of some of the pink paints!! Say pink paints —- fast 3 times!!!
TheOnlyONE 24 months ago
20/20...It ain't easy being perfect...I should know.
RickBrosh 24 months ago
18/20, didn't know Pink Fairy and Pinky Swear were color shades.
Moverfan RickBrosh 24 months ago
I don't recall paying much attention to the cartoon titles..would kind of like to see how Pickled Pink looks on a wall now...
audie65 24 months ago
Hope they show some of the ant and the aardvark cartoons also mixed in. They were even better than the pink panther skits. They talked and were funny!!! I do love the silent pink panther also though!!
ScoobyDoo169 24 months ago
I thought it was funny just hpw related real paint names were to the Pink Panther episodes.😂
LaDolceVita 24 months ago
I don't know these cartoons so well but I know colors very well and pink ice is a color. Why do they say its not? But I don't know this color pinky swear. I never heard of that.
geatornez82 24 months ago
16/20. Not surprised. I'm not really too big a fan of the Pink Panther.
Moody 24 months ago
17/20. Not really into pink other than the cartoon.
VaughnBaskin 24 months ago
OOH! Iv'e got a Pinkyish 20 out of 20!
Filmnoirfan 24 months ago
17/20 - tickled pink with that score
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