How many of these delicious extinct snack foods have you tried?

See if you are the ultimate snack historian.

Image: RetroGoop / YouTube

Oh, how we miss the bygone food of our youth. What we wouldn't give to sink our teeth into a Burger Chef burger or dig into a bowl of Dunkin' Donuts Cereal.

Hundreds of products have come and gone from the grocery store shelves in our lifetime. Some of them remain ingrained into our memory. 

We have revisited bygone snack foods from the past before. Now we want to see how many of you have tried these deeply missed munchies. 

See how much of a snack food connoisseur you are, and how popular some of these thing really were. Only a true salt 'n' sugar aficionado will get 100%.

And, yes, that is Mason Reese.
  1. Screaming Yellow Zonkers!
  2. Space Food Sticks
    Image: retromail / YouTube
  3. Betcha Bacon
    Image: YouTube
  4. Pizzarias
    Image: YouTube
  5. Pizza Spins
    Image: Found in Mom's Basement
  6. Crisp-i-Taters
    Image: Click Americana
  7. Chipos
    Image: Bionic Disco / YouTube
  8. Dunkaroos
  9. Almost Home Cookies
    Image: YouTube
  10. Koogle
    Image: YouTube
  11. Hunt's Snack Pack in the metal can
    Image: RetroGoop / YouTube

How many of these delicious extinct snack foods have you tried?

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DerekBird 23 months ago
72% similar
72% similar to the most popular responses
jconrad 23 months ago
9% similar? I loved Pizza Spins. Heck most of the stuff listed.
RebeccaEisenhuth 33 months ago
I mostly remember the pudding in a can because they warned kids never to lick the edge of the can or you'll cut your tongue -- and of course we ALL did it!
idkwut2use 33 months ago
90%. I want my Dunkaroos back NOW (and to try all the rest!)
There’s no reason for them to have been discontinued; literally everybody loved them...impossible not to...
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