Can you name these Enterprise crew members from 'Star Trek'?

Not everyone in Starfleet can be a Captain or Commander.

Kirk, Spock, Bones and Uhura are household names. Yet there were a ton of lieutenants aboard the Enterprise on that five-year mission.

Over its three seasons, Star Trek showed off many minor crew members, from science officers to helmsmen. Sure, along the way, a few Redshirts did not make it. But, one of them came back to life, as you will see.

Test your Trek knowledge and try to earn your Commander stripes. Good luck!

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  1. He was captain before Kirk.
  2. She was a significant crew member early on. It must have taken a Replicator to make her fantastic hair.
  3. This nurse was played by Majel Barrett, wife of Gene Roddenberry.
  4. Who could forget this guy's singing?
  5. He was a transporter chief and sat at the helm in "The Immunity Syndrome."
  6. That's Kirk, Spock, Bones and…? He was killed in "The Omega Glory," but he got better. He popped up again the next season somehow.
  7. He played a role in three missions in season one, notably "Arena."
  8. He briefly commanded the Enterprise when Kirk and Spock beamed down in "The Menagerie, Part 1"
  9. Though he never spoke, this navigator and helmsman was in 68 episodes, from the very beginning to the very end. Oh, and the actor, Bill Blackburn, played the White Rabbit in "Shore Leave," too.
  10. Hey, what happened to Chekov? This alien filled in as navigator on 'The Animated Series' — and was voiced by James Doohan!
  11. He had a tiny roles, typically as a science officer, in more than 50 episodes. Oh, and he was played by Leonard Nimoy's stand-in and stunt double.

Can you name these Enterprise crew members from 'Star Trek'?

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DIGGER1 26 months ago
You got 10 out of 11
Impressive. You were able to pull that off without a Tricorder or Trident Scanner.

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