Pick: Which of these extinct restaurant chains would you bring back?

Will you reheat a burger joint or a steakhouse?

Good news! You have just been named emperor of the restaurant industry! With your new supreme power, you have the right to bring back a dead restaurant chain.

These joints once dotted the American map, from coast to coast. They once counted their franchises by the dozens, if not the hundreds. And yet… all have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Below you will find 15 bygone restaurant brands. You can bring back just one. Perhaps it was a regional delight from your youth. Perhaps it was a place for first dates and baseball team gatherings. Why just one? Don't ask. It's just the rule. 

See how your choice compares to others. Yeah, we forgot to mention. We made everyone the emperor of the restaurant industry.
  1. Pick a defunct restaurant to resurrect.

Pick: Which of these extinct restaurant chains would you bring back?

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Lynn 12 months ago
0% For Naugles??? Aw, you're breaking my heart! I met my husband there!
MalachiCrunch 23 months ago
I think there's 1 Ho Jo left.
I picked Burger Chef for the nostalgia of riding my bike there with friends.
Liked the Red Barn chicken though.
Snickers 34 months ago
100% similar. I remember Howard Johnson's on those long road trips as a kid.
Joe1954 39 months ago
The problem with these type of quiz's, is that too many of the businesses are or were strictly regional. And a lot of times the information given is either misleading or outright wrong. For example, Roy Rogers restaurants were supposedly bought out and renamed Hardee's. However, I distinctly remember a Hardee's on one side of town, and a Roy Rogers on the other side. It might have been that Hardee's bought out Roy Rogers and renamed those restaurants, but that wasn't the way I read it. The way I read it, Hardee's and Roy Rogers didn't exist at the same time.
Dario 41 months ago
20% similar. 😁😁😁😁😁
idkwut2use 45 months ago
Either Steak & Ale or Howard Johnson's. Our S&A turned into yet another bloody boring bank...we hadn't gone there all that often, but it was enjoyable when we did. I remember when I was a kid there being a Howard Johnson hotel on the hill by the highway where a ShopRite complex now sits...the orange roof stuck with me. Also thought I recalled going to a HJ restaurant on a vacation, but maybe that too was a hotel. Or just a place that reminded me of it for some reason. I'm not really sure whether I even could've been in one of the restaurants, but if they looked at neat as the hotel...that'd be my second choice.
Kiyone57 45 months ago
There is one York Steak House left. It's in Columbus, OH.
Robva1966 45 months ago
Naugles is already back!
Lynn Robva1966 12 months ago
I know - but I'm a romantic!
dethLSMO89 49 months ago
No wonder they closed. Only heard of three of them.
Ariesmale44 58 months ago
i miss Ponderosa in my hometown where i live
MalachiCrunch Ariesmale44 23 months ago
Ponderosa/Bonanza, still one left near me.
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