How many 1970s sitcoms can you remember?

Try to complete the name of every popular comedy from the decade.

The Seventies were a golden age for the sitcom. Comedy started to get diverse, not to mention a little serious from time to time. There are dozens of classics from that decade that continue to entertain us today.

We gathered all the sitcoms aired the '70s that lasted two or more seasons (or scored really high in the ratings). Shows that began in the fall of 1969 are included because they aired most of their episodes in the '70s.

So, how many of them can you remember? Try to fill in the missing word from all 46 titles. We bet some of you can ace this.
  1. The _______ Bunch
  2. M*_*_*H
  3. Happy ______
  4. The _______ Tyler Moore Show
  5. The J _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _s
  6. Welcome Back, _______
  7. _______ & Mindy
  8. _______ in Cincinnati
  9. _______ in the Family
  10. The Odd _______
  11. _______ & Shirley
  12. The Partridge _______
  13. _______ and Son
  14. The Bob _______ Show
  15. _______ Miller
  16. _______ Company
  17. _______ Strokes
  18. The Facts of _______
  19. S _ _ p
  20. Chico and the ______
  21. _______ Happening!!
  22. Love, _______ Style
  23. M _ _ _ e
  24. R _ _ _ a
  25. _______ Times
  26. That's My _______
  27. A _ _ _ e
  28. P _ _ _ _ _ s
  29. The Courtship of _______ Father
  30. One _______ at a Time
  31. B _ _ _ _ n
  32. The R _ _ _ _ s
  33. _______ Is Enough
  34. Ang _ _
  35. The _______ Dick Van Dyke Show
  36. Bridget Loves _______
  37. _______ and The Professor
  38. Room _______
  39. The Bad News _______
  40. The Tony _______ Show
  41. Hello, _______
  42. _______ Loose
  43. _._._. Sharkey
  44. The Brian _______ Show
  45. Operation _______
  46. Funny _______

How many 1970s sitcoms can you remember?

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Paul 1 month ago
"You got 46 out 45." I wasn't a match major in college, but ....
AllisonWunderland 2 months ago
Someone lost count somewhere down the Easier just to say "I Got Them All Correct"...and I did!
EllisClevenger 6 months ago
You got 46 out 45
They really knew how to make 'em in the 1970s! How many did you get right? Show off your score and share!
djw1120 EllisClevenger 3 months ago
46 out of 45?
Where did you learn to count?
JamesB 8 months ago
Somehow I managed 46 correct of 45, with 2 guesses. Seems like lots of these were 1960's series which simply lasted into the early 1970's.
scp 8 months ago
45 out of 45, but I missed one and there are 46 questions.
Lesli 8 months ago
what about i dream of Jeanie, love boat, green acres, Gilligan's island, chips, Charlie's angels, leave it to beaver, the munsters
NoahBody 8 months ago
44/45 I Missed that's my mama
jholton30062 8 months ago
44/46. Didn't remember Funny Face (but I remember Sandy Duncan was really cute in it), and I got a little dyslexic with WKRP in Cincinnati (I picked WRKP).
EdCaf 8 months ago
Funny how I got 44 ot of 45 when there were 46 questions.....
Amalthea EdCaf 8 months ago
Yeah. I got 45 out of 45 but I knew that I got "Sanford & Son" wrong (I picked Sandford; I hated the show anyway). Then I looked...there ARE 46 questions!
FrankCollins 8 months ago
The best sitcom of the 70s, and of all time, was Barney Miller.
NoahBody FrankCollins 8 months ago
i could not agree more
Mary 8 months ago
To Bill K: Never heard of Funny Face either.
djw1120 Mary 3 months ago
I thought that was a movie, not a television show.
Mary 8 months ago
Got 42. I still watch and love these shows, too!!!!!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
Bill_K 8 months ago
Yeah! I (only) missed the last one.....

What the hell was "Funny Face" about anyway. I couldn't even google it to find it!
daDoctah Bill_K 8 months ago
That was Sandy Duncan, doing the usual "young woman just out of college making her way into the grown-up world" routine. After one season, she got a tumor and had to have an eye removed. (I mean Sandy did, in real life, not her character on the show.)

I got 46 out of 45. I used to think that was people screwing around with their results, but that's actually what it says.

cperrynaples daDoctah 8 months ago
Yep, that was actually a Top 10 show, due mostly to running after All In The Family. After Duncan's operation, they tried to revive the show on Sunday, but NBC's Mystery Movie killed it!
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