Guess the TV character from these flashback scenes

It was always fun when TV flashbacks showed an iconic character as a little kid.

You know everything there is to know about your favorite classic TV stars, but can you recognize their younger selves?

On many TV shows, flashbacks offer a glimpse into an iconic character's past, giving the viewer the chance to see a younger version of these familiar TV faces.

Here, we've traced back some of our favorite TV flashbacks to see if you can recognize the kids and youthful actors called upon to portray major characters from a distinctly different angle.

Think you can spot a TV star at any age? Take a dip into our fountain of TV youth in the quiz below. Good luck!
  1. Here's an easy one to start. Which lovable TV slob does this kid resemble?
  2. This flashback comes to a famous TV attorney. Can you tell which one?
  3. Here's a younger version of an '80s TV mom that we saw on a flashback on TV. Who do you think it is?
    Image: Disney–ABC Domestic Television
  4. That's little Bill Mumy filling in as the younger version of this '60s TV character:
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  5. This boy is part of a special Christmas flashback we saw on TV in the '80s, thanks to this sitcom star:
    Image: CBS Television Distribution
  6. Here's a flashback any mother could love, showing this TV character as a young boy eager to see what's cookin' for breakfast:
  7. We get a glimpse of this TV military man's younger self, thanks to a little TV magic:
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  8. Here's another flashback, this time from an '80s cop show. Which TV character do you think is being depicted here?
    Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
  9. This '70s crime show star had to deal with this upsetting flashback from her childhood:
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  10. This last one's a tough one. Which major hit show character featured this unusual flashback during an episode packed with weird dreams?
Guess the TV character from these flashback scenes

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Gregory 13 days ago
Got 8 out of 10, but I didn't even understand the question until the last one.
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