Fill in the Blanks: Christmas Songs!

Ho, Ho, _____.


All I want for Christmas is for you to correctly guess the missing words in the following lyrics! 

That's right, it's a Yuletide quiz for you and yours. See how well you can Fa-La-La-La-fill in the blanks, matching the right word to each string of lyrics. Look out! some of these might be a little tricky.

Be sure to share your thoughts and your score in the comments section below. Good luck!

  1. I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I just want you for my ______.
  2. I'll have a blue Christmas without you. I'll be so blue just _______.
  3. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Just like the ones __________.
  4. What a bright time, it's the right time. To rock the _________.
  5. Rockin' around the Christmas tree. At the Christmas ___________.
  6. Christmas, Christmas time is near. Time for toys and _________.
  7. This year, to save me from tears. I'll give it to someone __________.
  8. Feliz Navidad. Feliz Navidad. _________________.
  9. He's making a list. And checking it twice, gonna find out who's ___________.
  10. Out of all the reindeers you know you are the mastermind. Run, run Rudolph. Randolph ain't __________.

Fill in the Blanks: Christmas Songs!

Your Result...

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ww245 5 months ago
9/10 Had a few guesses, but the tears were coming on for the good old days of winter......
ERROL 6 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Now that's keeping the Christmas spirit alive!
timothys71 6 months ago
10/10--but I will admit that # 1 and # 7 were total guesses.
Geronimo 6 months ago
Fill in the Blanks: Christmas Songs!
You got 10 out of 10
Now that's keeping the Christmas spirit alive!

Geronimo 6 months ago
Can you pass this True / False quiz about 'A Very Brady Christmas'?
You got 14 out of 15
It's a Christmas miracle! Well done!
SandraChicago 6 months ago
10/10. One of my favorites from "back in the day" when I was very young is "Snoopy's Christmas vs. The Red Baron" by The Royal Guardsmen. Staged in WWI, the song's chorus was the following (and, sadly, we need these words today, even if they are only in a Christmas song)...

"Christmas bells, those Christmas bells.
Ring out from the land.
Asking peace of all the world,
And good will to man."
I haven't heard that song since I was a kid. Maybe 45 years ago... Wow...
I remember it because my late father, a WWII veteran as well as a war and aviation buff, was a big fan of the "Peanuts" comic strip and was especially fond of "A Charlie Brown Christmas"...the scene where Linus tells the Charlie Brown the true meaning of Christmas ALWAYS brought tears to my father's eyes. When this song was released he always turned up the volume on the radio when it came on in the car, in our kitchen, or in our family room, much to the dismay of my late mother's ears. I can still hear her saying, "Please, George. Can you turn it down just a bit?" and he would...but just a "bit." I would say this song holds a very special & dear place in my heart, and I thank out loud whenever I hear it played during the Christmas season!
Moverfan SandraChicago 6 months ago
It's on YouTube Music--I've got it and Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron on a playlist. I've always heard the second line as "Ringing through the land", though...anybody know a website where you can find song lyrics? (I looked at eLyrics once--all I found out was it was for sale).
SandraChicago Moverfan 6 months ago
LyricFind has the lyrics. Both of us are correct but in different parts of the song. "Ring out from the land, yada, yada, yada" is used in the chorus BEFORE the Red Baron gets Snoopy in his sight but then does not shoot, perhaps because he heard the "bells from the village below."

After that, the chorus implies there was peace and the chorus changes to "Ringing through the land., blah, blah, blah." (It would be nice if all it took to achieve world peace and eternal good will to all mankind was ringing Christmas bells.)

"Was the night before Christmas, 40 below,
When Snoopy went up in search of his foe.
He spied the Red Baron, fiercely they fought.
With ice on his wings Snoopy knew he was caught.

Christmas bells those Christmas bells.
Ring out from the land.
Asking peace of all the world,
And good will to man.

The Baron had Snoopy dead in his sights.
He reached for the trigger to pull it up tight.
Why he didn't shoot, well, we'll never know.
Or was it the bells from the village below?

Christmas bells those Christmas bells.
Ringing through the land.
Bringing peace to all the world,
And good will to man."
Coldnorth SandraChicago 5 months ago
Thanks for the lyrics. I forgot the words and it brought up a lot of happy memories. Happy New Year
SandraChicago Coldnorth 5 months ago
Happy New Year!
heygrandpa 6 months ago
Ten for ten. Not bad for an old guy.
LeeHarper 6 months ago
Ten out of ten. Not bad at all.
Coldnorth LeeHarper 5 months ago
Nice portrait. Under those smiles is pure mischief
forthekids 6 months ago
There was also another Christmas tune..performed by Bobby Helms(The vocalist who sang"Jingle Bell Rock")"Hooray For Captain Santa Claus".
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