Fan quiz: How well do you know the family reunion Star Trek episode 'Journey to Babel'?

How well do you remember this episode that introduced several Star Trek classic aliens?


Thanks to MeTV fan and Trekkie Garrett Michael Hayes from Smyrna, Georgia, for submitting this quiz! Do you have a great idea for a quiz? Share it with us!

The second season episode "Journey to Babel" introduced viewers to several key races in the Star Trek universe, many of which would return in later episodes filling out the history of the United Federation of Planets. Among these were the first meetings with the blue-skinned Andorians with their distinctive antennae as well as the pugnacious and pig-like Tellarites. The story of diplomatic intrigue, murder and high velocity space combat also introduced the audience to Mr. Spock's parents, the Vulcan Ambassador Sarek and his human wife.

Test your memory of this landmark episode with these 12 questions about argumentative aliens, interplanetary plotters, family secrets and more.

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  1. Dr. McCoy laments the presence of the many delegates on board, commenting that they are all touchier than what notably finicky thing?
  2. Spock's mother tells Captain Kirk that he couldn't pronounce her Vulcan name, so she suggests he call her by what Earth name?
  3. Spock and his father, Ambassador Sarek, disagreed over Spock joining Star Fleet. How many years does his mother say it has been since they spoke "as father and son"?
  4. At the reception for the delegates, Ambassador Sarek is drawn into an argument with the Tellarite ambassador, who we later learn is named what?
  5. The delegates will debate admitting the planet Coridan to the Federation. Ambassador Sarek comments that Coridan possesses an almost unlimited supply of what valuable resource?
  6. At the same reception Spock is embarrassed when it is revealed to Dr. McCoy that, as a child, he was fond of what kind of pet?
  7. The Tellarite ambassador is later found murdered, his body left where?
  8. Dr. McCoy declares that the Tellarite ambassador's neck was snapped by an expert. Spock explains that it was an ancient Vulcan method of execution, called what?
  9. Ambassador Sarek is confronted as a possible murder suspect, and suffers the Vulcan equivalent of a heart attack. What had his physician prescribed for the condition?
  10. Captain Kirk is knifed by the same assassin who killed the Tellarite. Afterward, he calls Spock to tell him he has been attacked near his quarters, on which deck of the ship?
  11. The Enterprise is being shadowed by an enemy vessel that keeps making attack passes. How does Captain Kirk defeat the enemy?
  12. The assassin commits suicide rather than be taken prisoner. Captain Kirk tells Dr. McCoy to examine the body, and Spock says he believes they will find he is of what race?

Fan quiz: How well do you know the family reunion Star Trek episode 'Journey to Babel'?

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WayneKeith 15 months ago
I've watched this episode at LEAST 25 times but only managed 9/12. I did notice some odd wisps of smoke in sickbay while Bones was working on Sarek though, right after Chapel says "Doctor, his heart stopped!" I'd guess there was an ashtray on the table near McCoy.
Moverfan WayneKeith 13 months ago
Or something was on fire...oh, dear...
bnichols23 16 months ago
Oh, please. A walk in the galaxy barrier. I shouldn't even have taken it since my score blows the curve. :)
Pacificsun 16 months ago
I actually knew somebody named "Orion" and not pronounced as the constellation.
bagandwallyfan52 16 months ago
In the You Tube Video above is the
AND EVANS there is a video of an
Old sci fi movie .
Does anyone know the name of the
Movie which is seen in this video?
Is it a silent movie or a movie with
Oh, c'mon -- too easy. Brigitte Helm. ;)
RichLorn 16 months ago
(laying in sick bay...)
Amanda: Logic, logic! I'm sick to death of logic. Do you want to know how I feel about your logic?
Spock: "Emotional, isn't she."
Sarek: "She has always been that way."
Spock: "Indeed. Why did you marry her?"
Sarek: "At the time, it seemed the logical thing to do."
daDoctah 17 months ago
Both the Sehlat and the Tal-shaya were mentioned in the ST animated episode where they travelled through time to Spock's childhood on Vulcan. (There was also an Andorian in that episode, the officer who replaced Spock as Enterprise first officer in the altered timeline.)
bnichols23 daDoctah 16 months ago
Eh. -snort- "Non-canon." [evil grin]
RazzMatazz71 17 months ago
11/12, Most Illogical🖖
bnichols23 RazzMatazz71 16 months ago
Indeed. What puzzles me is why it didn't occur to him earlier.
MannyOlavarria 17 months ago
8 out of 12. Not too bad. Struggled with the number questions. Good quiz. On a side note Garrett Michael Hayes, were you named after Leif Garrett and the wrestler Michael P.S. Hayes of the Freebirds?
Nope. I was born several years before Leif Garrett, and the "Michael" comes from my father, John Michael Hayes Jr, my grandfather, John Michael Hayes Sr, and my great grandfather, Patrick Michael Hayes.
Thanks for the reply. Perhaps those guys were named after you.
JoeSHill 17 months ago
The actor who played the Andorian/Orion who tried to kill Captain Kirk in "STAR TREK"s "Journey To Babel" segment is William O'Connell, who is no stranger to playing Aliens, as he played an Alien in "The Chameleon", the second to the last episode of ABC's "THE OUTER LIMITS" during the series' first season (1963-1964). William O'Connell also played one of the Black Widow biker gang in Warner Bros-Malpaso's "EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE" (1978), and its sequel, "ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN" (1980) with Clint Eastwood and Sondra Locke. O'Connell even co-starred in Eastwood's "HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER" (Universal-Malpaso, 1973), and also in Warner Bros-Malpaso's "THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES" (1976). The other actor in "Journey To Babel" was Reggie Nalder, who appeared in "THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE" (1962), and "MARK OF THE DEVIL" (1970), but is best remembered as "Barlowe", one of THE scariest vampires ever, in CBS/Warner Bros' "SALEM'S LOT" miniseries in November 1979.
TheOnlyONE JoeSHill 17 months ago
Gotta love Wikipedia.
CaptainDunsel JoeSHill 17 months ago
He also was the assassin in Alfred Hitchcock's 1956 film "The Man Who Knew Too Much"
LoveMETV22 TheOnlyONE 17 months ago
As well as IMDb. Two good websites for source information.
Do you know what movie is seen on that movie clip at the top of this
Article ??
bnichols23 JoeSHill 16 months ago
"O'Connell also played one of the Black Widow biker gang" -- Now, that's interesting -- THAT, I DIDN'T know!
Stranger56 17 months ago
7/12, thought I knew this episode pretty well,all well. I am just not interested in all of these re-boots,spin-offs etc. Kind of turned me off of Star Trek in general by all of it.
JJWhorley Stranger56 17 months ago
And I LOVE almost all of them. But I'll NEVER forgive them for turning Strange New Worlds into the T'Pring show, which she was a horrible person in ONE episode of TOS.
Barry22 17 months ago
5/12, back to Star Fleet Academy I go.
Moverfan 17 months ago
Got ten out of twelve and I've never watched any version of Star Trek on TV. Love the books, love the movies (sorry they drafted you, Doctor), can't get into the TV shows...
McGillahooala 17 months ago
4/12. I Saw that episode not too long ago but who could possibly remember all the alien names.
Maverick66 17 months ago
3/12. It has been too long since I've bothered to watch Star Trek.
MrsPhilHarris 17 months ago
8/12 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ One of my better Star Trek quiz results.
texasluva MrsPhilHarris 17 months ago
You're right. Usually it's below 50% with you and Star Trek "To Boldly Go Where No MPH Has Gone Before!"
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