Do you think these classic shows could be successful today?

Would these beloved series still be hits if they came out now?

For some people, there's no comparison between classic television and what's on now. For others, there’s good and bad in both.

Shows like Star Trek, The Twilight Zone and The Flintstones still have undeniable cultural relevance but classics like Green Acres are overlooked by many younger audiences.

Here are 15 hit shows that are still loved by millions of TV fans across the country. If they started as new shows today, do you think they would be successful?

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  1. I Love Lucy
  2. Gunsmoke
  3. Perry Mason
  4. The Twilight Zone
  5. The Andy Griffith Show
  6. The Flintstones
  7. The Rifleman
  8. The Dick Van Dyke Show
  9. Green Acres
  10. The Brady Bunch
  11. The Carol Burnett Show
  12. Columbo
  13. The Waltons
  14. Star Trek
  15. M*A*S*H

Do you think these classic shows could be successful today?

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Katzi 1 day ago
People compare the zaniness of Lucy to Fran from The Nanny. So Yeah I'd say I Love Lucy would work today.
CouchPotato987 1 day ago
I don’t see too many western shows in 2020, so I can’t see the Rifleman or Gunsmoke being very popular. Perry Mason and Columbo would be hits because of all of the CSI and Law and Order shows on in 2020.
UTZAAKE 1 day ago
40% similar. Thought 9 of 15 would be flops. Most fail on racial diversity.
2 & 7. Deadwood rendered all previous TV westerns obsolete.
RavensDawn 2 days ago
💯! Ahhh......the good ol' days.....
jimmyvici 3 days ago
53% similar. Not sure on a few of them. What about Mannix?🤣🤣🤣
CaptainDunsel 3 days ago
28% similar.
It's interesting to note that on all but two the votes are strongly in favor if "it would be hit". I rather suspect a significant number of people are really answering the question "Would it be a hit WITH ME?"
Randall 3 days ago
The two big things to consider are Political correctness and a dated premise . I love sixties TV because it is pure escapism not many people think like me. There has to be some elements of reality in modern shows! That is truly unfortunate!
MrsPhilHarris 3 days ago
73% similar. Some of the shows were of their time. There is no way Lucy would be a stay at home housewife nor would Laura Petrie although I love both of those shows.
TexasGreek 3 days ago
53% similar
I don't thing Hollywood would approve the vast majority of the shows nowadays.
Hollywood is getting it's collective "hind-end" kicked by Great Britain, China and India. Even Canada has become a large player in American TV. Hollywood is out of touch... in it's own little bubble. If they don't do something soon they will become irrelevant. Too many big players in the world now. Hollywood is not an innovator anymore and certainly is out of touch with the vast majority of American families. That's why MeTV/et al is such a requested network now in so many US states and British programming is a hit for PBS. And yet, Hollywood still doesn't seem to be clued in to what is happening to them.
My own humble opinion.
I agree & your right Hollywood is out of touch!
pacmancdi TexasGreek 1 day ago
Yeah I mostly stick to watching either vintage or foreign stuff. It's noticably better
Big3Fan 3 days ago
60% It would be weird watching modern versions of these shows. There wouldn't be separate beds in the married couples bedroom, Matt would be sneaking down the stairs and out of the backdoor of the Longbranch instead of waking up on his cot in the morning and the teenage Waltons would call John dad or the old man instead of daddy.
Pacificsun 3 days ago
Interesting quiz. But it's hard for us (obviously MeTV fans) to step outside ourselves, and guess how these Shows would be perceived on an objective basis.

As we've discussed here before (many times) a definite reason these Shows ended up being so popular (so as to become syndicated because of the number of episodes they produced) is because the choice of television was divided between 3 Networks. So (on average) the best of 3 (per time slot) won the day. And if they did so repeatedly (or against new competitors) THAT"S what produced the number of episodes that we've come to love. I'm not saying they aren't worthwhile, just that they've proven themselves over time.

An interesting (opposite) quiz would be if MeTV proposed some of the more obscure Shows that didn't last as long, but were still worthy or novel. And ask how THEY would fair in TV's marketplace today.

Basically what MeTV has asked about is their very own lineup. But let's broaden the whole subject. It's a worthwhile question to discuss.
Jeremy 3 days ago
It's very simple. Just pick flop for Green Acres and The Brady Bunch. You really can't miss with the rest.
FrankensteinLover 3 days ago
80 % Similar, As long as These Classic Shows exist ill be watching Reruns over and over and over. Keep your TV Classic.
hermanstein2015 3 days ago
73% similar. I just love black and white television! I hate all the stuff on TV now.
Moriyah 3 days ago
33% Similar! Would you think Gomer Pyle would be a great hit or a big flop? (Let me know).
Gomer is always a hit! LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. Jim Nabors was a genius!
TheDavBow3 Moriyah 3 days ago
It is a great show. So very funny. But would probably be a flop today. The comedy is too clear and simple (in a very good way). Unfortunately, the plot and setting of the show wouldn't be very popular today.
I agree with you on that one!!!
Moriyah TheDavBow3 3 days ago
Well if I time traveled to the 60's, then it would be more of a great hit!
TheDavBow3 Moriyah 3 days ago
Haha. I bet it would! Getting hard to find good TV these days. I guess that's why I love '60s TV, like Gomer Pyle, so much. I would love to time travel to the '60s, maybe for at least a few hours. 😉
Oh so would I just to experience tv.
hermanstein2015 Moriyah 23 hours ago
Funny, funny, funny. That's one of my favorite episodes!
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