Can you find Barney Fife's police car?

Which ride belonged to the Mayberry deputy?

Every officer needs a trusty ride. Cowboys have their horses; TV policemen patroled in cars. 

Considering there were just two policemen keeping the peace in Mayberry, there was a lot of ground to cover. No wonder Deputy Barney Fife relied on his trusty cruiser.

Think you can pick it out of a lineup? Keep clicking around until you find it!

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  1. Which of these cruisers belonged to Barney?

Can you find Barney Fife's police car?

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JewelsChuck 30 months ago
That was too easy and to have him driving it was why!
dictracy 30 months ago
Well it helped that he’s in it, geez
JanFresh 30 months ago
The building gave it away lol
scp 30 months ago
Got it on the first try, but Barney sitting behind the wheel helped.

I think that one picture with the guy in a cast running beside the police car is from The Munsters.
MikefromJersey 30 months ago
That was pretty easy, but still a fun change of pace, neat pics.
I also spot cop cars from Car 54 and Highway Patrol.
That second photo has that Victorian House in the back that must have shown up in 20
Adam-12's and 10 Dragnets, on the Universal back lot.
Photo 11 is from the Twilight Zone, I think, the one with the aliens leaving a fake giant footprint.
#12 is Highway Patrol. I am guessing there is also a shot from Perry Mason.
If you liked the photos of cop cars, go to the Highway Patrol fan site, fantastic pictures of 1950's
police cars and color pics of the production.
Greg 30 months ago
Got first try he always drove a Ford Falcon
dodgebob 30 months ago
I got it on my last try???? Great Job
Recognized the Court House Pillars.
MrBill 30 months ago
I got it on the first try.
BrentwoodJon 30 months ago
EZ pezy!
Court house was a give away.
JohnnyAlibi 30 months ago
I thought they were talking about the SXXT box he bought from the hot car ring......The patrol car isn't Barney's....Just sayin'

Rick 30 months ago
Didn't Andy and Barney share one police car? Anyway I got it from the courthouse and Mayberry star logo.
Geronimo 30 months ago
Got it on the first try!
Nice work
Muleskinner 30 months ago
Got it on the first try. Spotted Barney behind the wheel. They ought to do the quiz with the lemon that Barney bought from Mrs Leish. See if anyone can pick that out! 🚙
ndebrabant 30 months ago
You picked Barney's car!!
That's a true Mayberry black-and-white! Barney is behind the wheel — with Andy and Opie riding in the front seat. Nice work, detective!
dkmarks29 30 months ago
Barney bought a 1954 Ford in one show. So maybe not a police car I still say its a cruiser. 4th row LH picture
rebelIrish 30 months ago
Well that's easy, especially when you notice the jail behind the car!!
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