Can you find Barney Fife's police car?

Which ride belonged to the Mayberry deputy?


Every officer needs a trusty ride. Cowboys have their horses; TV policemen patroled in cars. 

Considering there were just two policemen keeping the peace in Mayberry, there was a lot of ground to cover. No wonder Deputy Barney Fife relied on his trusty cruiser.

Think you can pick it out of a lineup? Keep clicking around until you find it!

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  1. Which of these cruisers belonged to Barney?

Can you find Barney Fife's police car?

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murgatroid45 3 months ago
I also spotted Car 54, but Adam-12 and Gotham City PD are nowhere to be found
LynCarrigan 8 months ago
Forget me and cars. Don’t know why I even tried.
Antenna2 8 months ago
First try - the last car (bottom right) is from Highway Patrol...
Calhoun1959 8 months ago

Pretty easy you could see Barney and Andy sitting in the car in front of the courthouse
Zip 8 months ago
Got it on the first try!
The background helped. I thought it might be a trick, but it wasn't.
Wendy57 8 months ago
Easily nipped in the bud on the first try. Not much detective work needed to spot Barney behind the steering wheel. 🚓
Brave10 Wendy57 8 months ago
Not sure how anyone can look at that picture and definitively say it’s actually Barney behind the wheel, and not some random person dressed as him. Plus the overhead shot leads me to believe it wasn’t from an episode. The courthouse in background is what gave it away. And the inch of dust on the Ford (another giveaway).

Edit: And rarely, if ever, was the squad car facing in that direction, right in front of courthouse, in an episode. Only one I recall off the top of my head, was the episode where Barney wants to check to see if Otis checked himself into jail, but instead the Fun Girls were waiting inside.

Brave10 Wendy57 8 months ago
*facing in that direction in a daylight episode
Wendy57 Brave10 8 months ago
I do think that the driver in that photo choice to me resembled Barney and the passenger with 3/4 rolled up sleeves looks like a larger man, so, I thought he resembled Andy. In my opinion.
tnminnow 8 months ago
First try. I would have been shocked if I hadn't found it on the first try. Lol 🚓
Matsui 8 months ago
You picked Barney's car!!
That's a true Mayberry black-and-white! Barney is behind the wheel — with Andy and Opie riding in the front seat. Nice work, detective!
Irish 8 months ago
I picked Barney's police car but I saw him in the front seat. I'm having coffee with Granny. BTW, today is National Coffee Day ☕ Woohoo!
Runeshaper Irish 8 months ago
Enjoy that coffee!!! Hopefully, Granny will be in good spirits!
Irish Runeshaper 8 months ago
lol! Love my black coffee ☕
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