Do you remember these classic songs with ''Thank'' in the title?

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Sometimes you've just got to give thanks. Quite literally. 

We're looking for you to fill in the blanks and give us the artists for classic songs with "Thank" in the title. Singers have given thanks in everything from TV theme songs to NYC rock & roll.

Let's see how well you know your pop music history!
  1. The theme song to The Golden Girls was titled "Thank You for Being a _______?"
     Image: Disney-ABC Domestic Television
  2. ABBA sang "Thank You for the _______" on a hit 1977 single.
  3. Sly & The Family Stone had a unique subtitle for their "Thank You ( __________ )"?
  4. This '70s icon sang "Thank God I'm a Country Boy."
  5. This iconic '60s girl group even recorded a version of its popular single "Thank You Darling" in German!
  6. The Beatles recorded a B-side to their third single, "From Me to You," called "Thank You _______"?
  7. This soul duo released a No. 9 smash in 1968 called "I Thank You." Everyone from Bonnie Raitt to Bon Jovi has covered it.
  8. This soul legend included "I Want to Thank You" on an album called 'Sings Soul Ballads,' released before his hit "Try a Little Tenderness."
  9. This New York band opened its album 'More Songs About Buildings and Food' with the song "Thank You for Sending Me an Angel."
  10. Okay, do you remember who wrote and originally recorded the Golden Girls theme song back in 1978?

Do you remember these classic songs with ''Thank'' in the title?

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STTOS 55 months ago
You got 9 out of 10 - Thank you (Falettin MeTV Quiz Yoz Elf Agin)! Missed #3, ironically.
BorisK STTOS 5 months ago
Sly Stone never could speak very good English, or show up for a concert appearance on time.
MrBill 55 months ago
9/10; missed #8 - guessed wrong.
AgingDisgracefully 55 months ago
Somehow, this one doesn't have The New Quiz Smell.
mdit21 67 months ago
I forgot about the foreign language versions.
DIGGER1 67 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Thank you (Falettin MeTV Quiz Yoz Elf Agin)!
tblood 67 months ago
Siglund 68 months ago
9 for 10. My apologies to Otis Redding...
Dicazi 68 months ago
My "norm" for a music quiz.
stephaniestavropoulos 68 months ago
What about the "Thank You" song that I believe was played on Svengoolie:* {He might still play it, I don't know.} "Thank you, for all your cards and letters...." *I think he's where I heard this.
What about: Thanks For the Memories, Thank Heaven For Little Girls, Thank You Led Zeppelin etc.
That theme was from Stan Freberg's Lawrence Welk parody.

Another song thanking viewers for cards and letters originated on Perry Como's show, and was later adopted by Paul Shaffer for David Letterman's "Viewer Mail" segment. The composer and performer of the original version was "the other Ray Charles", whose group "The Ray Charles SIngers" confused a lot of R&B fans back in the day with a thoroughly white-bread tune "Love You With All My Heart" to the tune of "Cuando Caliente El Sol".
teire 68 months ago
7/10, once again greatly helped by the album cover art on most of the ones I got right.
cperrynaples 68 months ago
10/10! Only a '70's kid could get 3, that's just the way Sly Stone sang! Also, the wrong answers for 7 were bogus, because Chad & Jeremy and Jan & Dean were as white as Wonder bread...LOL!!!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 68 months ago
PS Where was "Thank You" by Dido?
gatorgirl cperrynaples 68 months ago
so what are you implying that a white duo could not sing or write?! talk about racism! ALL racism is wrong - even against the white race!
teire gatorgirl 68 months ago
think he's referring to the album cover, which if you recognized any of the artists on any of the questions, gave away the game.
gatorgirl 68 months ago
This comment has been removed.
daDoctah cperrynaples 68 months ago
I had no problem with that one because I'm a huge Sly Stone fan, and I remembered his version contained the words "Mice Elf".
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