How well do you remember The Twilight Zone episode ''To Serve Man''?

Go back for seconds of the most eerie feast we ever watched on TV!

In The Twilight Zone's third season, humanity met an alien race who promised to turn Earth back into a Garden of Eden. The episode was called "To Serve Man," and it's one of the most memorable feasts we ever watched on TV, and definitely the most eerie.

Think you can remember every detail viewers ate up watching this classic episode?

Only the biggest fans of The Twilight Zone will go all the way from dust to dessert. Good luck!

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  1. What did the alien race call themselves?
  2. How tall are the aliens?
  3. How much do the aliens weigh?
  4. How do the aliens speak?
  5. What was Michael Chambers’ job?
  6. Where did the alien race first land?
  7. What is the only thing the aliens wanted in return for their superior knowledge and technology?
  8. Did Chambers think the aliens had good or bad intentions?
  9. What’s the mean temperature on the aliens’ home planet?
  10. What did the aliens ask each passenger to do before they boarded their ship?
  11. How long does it take the aliens to travel home, billions of miles?
  12. What is repeatedly said to Chambers through a speaker on the space ship?
  13. What’s the famous line Patty yells to Chambers before he boards the ship to the aliens’ planet?

How well do you remember The Twilight Zone episode ''To Serve Man''?

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oldbroad52 8 months ago
My score is because MeTV seems to have only about a dozen episodes of Rod Serling’s pride and joy. I think Hitchcock is much better.
graceful1970 9 months ago
You got 11 out of 13. This is one of the best episodes.
trogg888 9 months ago
My favorite a kid the ending really freaked me out.the giant alien was also on a star trek eplside.he made kirk look like a midget.
Rob 9 months ago
12/13. This is my favorite episode. It freaked me out the first time that I saw it as a young kid.
saswifteagle 9 months ago
12/13. Cmon! If these aliens were so intelligent, why did they landed in New Jersey? Okay, I'm sulking because I got that question wrong.
Rob saswifteagle 9 months ago
They wanted to address the UN but couldn’t find any parking that was closer.
saswifteagle Rob 9 months ago
All jokes aside, To Serve Man is one my favorite episodes.
Rob saswifteagle 4 months ago
It's one of my favorites too.
Bapa1 9 months ago
10/13. Was Richard Kiel the only actor to play an alien in that? There are others, but it seems he is playing all the aliens.
Tresix 9 months ago
12/13, forgot where they landed.
ironman2000 9 months ago
11 of 13, one of my favorite episodes. Haven't seen it in a while. The last time I saw it Richard Kiel was still alive.
frenchman71 9 months ago
11/13. One of the best TZ episodes.
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