Do you know the nicknames of these celebrated music icons?

The biggest stars in music become kings, queens, masters and misters.

There's the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and ASCAP and Grammy awards, but everybody knows the real top prize for music's most influential stars is a popular nickname that sums up just how powerful your songs are. 

Of course, Michael Jackson was the King of Pop and Elvis Presley the King of Rock, but they weren't the only major musicians to end up deemed as sonic royalty. Here, we've assembled a list of 10 other artists who you likely know by another name that sums up their massive impact on music as we know it. 

Think you know all the nicknames that more accurately describe music's biggest sensations? Take the quiz and find out!
  1. What nickname was Frank Sinatra known by?
  2. What nickname was Chuck Berry known by?
  3. What nickname was Gladys Knight known by?
  4. What nickname was Bob Dylan known by?
  5. What nickname was Tammy Wynette known by?
  6. What nickname was James Brown known by?
  7. What nickname was Kenny Loggins known by?
  8. What nickname was Billie Holliday known by?
  9. What nickname was Sam Cooke known by?
  10. What nickname was Neil Young known by?

Do you know the nicknames of these celebrated music icons?

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DerekBird 29 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Nice work! You're pretty much the king of music nicknames. Or the queen! Or the boss! (You get it.)

Dylan may have been know as the king of Folk but that title should have belonged to Woody Guthrie.
ckd26238 40 months ago
#2 is not right...Elvis is The King Of Rock n Roll not Chuck Berry...Chuck Berry is the Father of Rock n Roll
jeopardyhead 64 months ago
You left out Paul Whiteman, the King of Jazz; and Benny Goodman, the King of Swing.
jeopardyhead jeopardyhead 64 months ago
Also, you list the correct answer to Chuck Berry as "The King of Rock and Roll," even though that is Elvis Presley's title. Up until now, I have NEVER heard anyone refer to him as "The King of Rock."
ckd26238 jeopardyhead 40 months ago
Yeah agreed
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