We can guess where you grew up based on your shopping habits

Your shopping list reveals your roots.

Whether the stores you frequented as a kid are shuttered now or your favorite chains have continued expanding, one thing is for sure: The stores in which you shopped can reveal a lot about where you come from.

Here, we've put together some questions to explore different aspects of your shopping personality, because we think we can tell a New Yorker from a Midwesterner.

Ready to reveal your roots based on the stores you returned to again and again? Take the quiz and see if your sense of style has more of a sense of place than you might think!
  1. Where did you shop for clothes as a kid?
  2. Where did your parents buy their groceries?
  3. Choose an item of clothing from the Sears Wish Book:
  4. Your mom gives you $1 to buy something at Woolworth. Which candy are you getting?
  5. What was your favorite store in the mall?
  6. You stop to get some food on the way home from the mall. What do you get?
  7. Did your area mostly have indoor or outdoor malls?
  8. Pick a style of shoes:
We can guess where you grew up based on your shopping habits

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