Only a true music aficionado can identify these rock posters in WKRP in Cincinnati

Think you know music from ABBA to ZZ Top?

WKRP in Cincinnati had killer taste in music. Yeah, the sitcom was well versed in rock & roll, but it also featured references to the coolest jazz, pop and soul acts of the era, too.

The fictional radio station had music posters hanging all over its walls — and they changed nearly every episode. A true rock aficionado should be able to name these acts. These were hit albums, after all. 

Look at the shots below and try to name the musicians being featured. And, while you're at it, get a sense of how cool this show truly was.
  1. Who is that on the wall in the background?
  2. Which hot young band is this on its 1981 album cover?
  3. Who is the woman on the wall behind Andy?
  4. The giant 1981 album cover for this band is looming behind Bailey Quarters.
  5. This is obviously KISS. But the arrow is pointing to which member?
  6. Who is this then?
  7. What does "ELO" stand for?
  8. What band would have been pushing 'Sandinista!' here?
  9. Okay, who is this down in the corner selling his 'Trust'?
  10. Which lead singer of Van Halen is this?
  11. What band had this artwork on its sophomore album?
  12. Which arena act had its album cover for '4' hanging in the studio?
  13. Which soul singer is seen here in a poster promoting her record 'What Cha' Gonna Do For Me'?
  14. Which Beatle was offering a trip 'Back to the Egg'?
  15. What band released this album?
  16. This rockin' bassist played a memorable character on 'Happy Days.' Here, she was just a poster.
  17. Who told fans to 'Look Sharp!' with his hit 1979 album?
  18. This quartet topped the chart for several weeks in 1979.
  19. Which pop duo is promoting the album 'X-Static' here?
  20. Finally, which heavy metal band released this record in 1978?

Only a true music aficionado can identify these rock posters in WKRP in Cincinnati

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WILD 14 months ago
You got 20 out of 20
Keep on rocking and watch WKRP in Cincinnati on MeTV. Stream even more great music from this era with MeTV Music. Remember "You're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic".
WILD 16 months ago
18/20 I messed up by clicking before i looked at the picture of "The Red Rocker" Sammy Hagar. Damny impulsiveness.
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