Do you know the lyrics to the Full House theme song "Everywhere You Look?"

Will humming this classic theme song over the years help you on this quiz?

Prolific theme song creator Jesse Frederick wrote several jingles that played prior to an episode of some very successful shows in the Eighties and Ninetiens. Perhaps that is why he wanted to be the next Bob Dylan!

From Family Matters to Perfect Strangers, Frederick showed millions his ability to create a catchy tune. One of his most famous creations, "Everywhere You Look," is the theme song that pairs with Full House

Fans of the show have grown accustomed to hearing the light-hearted and feel-good song play before each epiosde of the show, which ran for eight seasons.

How well do you remember the song "Everywhere You Look?" Try to fill in the missing lyrics below! 

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  1. "Whatever happened to ________?"
  2. "The milkman, the ______, the evening TV?"
  3. "How did I get ______ here? Somebody ___ me please"
  4. "This old world's _____ me"
  5. "Clouds as _____ as you've ever seen"
  6. "Ain't a bird that knows your _____"
  7. "Then a little voice inside you _____"
  8. "Kid, don't _____ your dreams so soon"
  9. "Everywhere you look, everywhere you ____"
  10. "There's a ______, a hand to hold onto"
  11. "There's a face, of somebody who ____ you"
  12. "When you're lost out there and you're all alone, a _____ is waiting to carry you home. Everywhere you look."

Do you know the lyrics to the Full House theme song "Everywhere You Look?"

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SheriHeffner 6 months ago
I like the theme. It's such better than.the ones some :henius" wrote for the earlier syndicated version. They sang "You miss your old familiar friends, but waiting just around the bend." And that Idiotic " Miller Boyett!" Over the end credits.
JHP 6 months ago
water your lawn

at night pick some night crawlers

put them in a tin can

in the summer - put the can out on the sidewalk for a few hours - then smell what full house is
JHP 6 months ago
everywhere I look huh?

In the garbage can - maybe in the back yard - or even after the mornings business (now that's what I see as an equal to S*** House
DanDo77 6 months ago
I mainly like the show because I live in the San Francisco area and lived in SF for a while. One thing about the Full House Victorian home, the house on the show is about twice as big on the inside than the outside. Also many of these homes are actually duplexes (commonly known as flats). The doors are not french doors. One single door leads to the stairs of the upper unit and the other door to the lower unit. Some of these were later converted into single family homes and some larger ones converted into apartments.
DanDo77 6 months ago
7/12 the second time I took the quiz. Much better than the first time when I didn't even finish the quiz.

RichLorn 7 months ago
Guesses. I've never watched this show. Whenever it comes on I give it a royal flush.
JHP RichLorn 6 months ago
or Bullseye:)

even gassed I can't stand to watch or hear it - they should strap prisoners in a heavy wooden chair and have them watch that show ad nauseam
Wendy57 JHP 6 months ago
jtrain 7 months ago
11/12, got # 9 wrong. Guessed on some, now I have the tune in my head!
DZee 7 months ago
0 out of 0. Didn't take the stinks.
MaryKleinsmith 7 months ago
You have the wrong answer for #9. #3 is also wrong, as it's "How did I get to living here," not "delivered."
Yep, everyone knows they get delivered by the stork, and hopefully not the drunk one who gave Daffy to Bugs...LOL!
Yes that's right
LalaLucy 7 months ago
8/12. Not bad considering when I hear it coming on, I am usually quick to change the channel.
Terrence 7 months ago
Never watched this show much
JanFresh 7 months ago
10/12 loved this show growing up
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