Can you identify these '80s game shows by their sets alone?

Come one down and try to avoid the Whammies!

Come on down! Grab the buzzer. (A mouse will do.) We're looking back at some of our favorite game shows from the 1980s. One catch — we're not telling you what they are just yet.

You watched them when you were home sick. Nothing could cheer us up on a sick day like a bowl of tomato soup and Wink Martindale. The flashing sets were covered in light bulbs, like a little Vegas on your TV screen.

Let's test your memory and see if you can identify these fun-filled game shows that aired in the '80s. You're a true game show ace if you can get 8 or more correct. Good luck!
  1. We're going to put an easy one on the board first. What show is this?
    Image: Mark Goodson Productions
  2. This beloved show is still going strong today, though sadly without this part.
    Image: Merv Griffin Enterprises
  3. Smash your button if you know this one. (But don't really do that. You'll break your computer.)
    Image: CBS / FreemantleMedia
  4. You had to watch out for the dragon on this show.
    Image: Barry & Enright Productions / ITC Entertainment
  5. Let's see if you can deal with this one.
    Image: Mark Goodson Productions / FreemantleMedia
  6. What about this one?
    Image: Jack Berry Productions / Sony Pictures Television
  7. You had to be quick on the buzzer and quick on your feet for this one.
    Image: Al Howard Productions / FreemantleMedia
  8. This one got physical, too.
    Image: Viacom
  9. Now we head into the difficult final round. See if you can name this one.
    Image: Orion Television Syndication
  10. Last one. You are a true game show guru if you can identify this one.
    Image: Reg Grundy Productions / Genesis Entertainment
Can you identify these '80s game shows by their sets alone?

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