Did these TV characters appear in the opening credits?

Point out all the ones who truly got the star treatment.

Throughout TV history, billing has been a big question for talented actors who join the cast of hit shows. But then again, there are dozens of shows that never show a single star at all in the opening credits.

Think you can pick out the TV stars who truly got the star treatment and actually appeared in the opening credits of their own shows? 

Make sure you take a beat to think of the show, its theme and any other clues your memory may have stored to help you pass this crazy credits quiz. Good luck!
  1. On The Andy Griffith Show, did we see Barney Fife in the opening credits?
  2. On M*A*S*H, did we see Radar O'Reilly in the opening credits?
  3. On The Brady Bunch, did we see Alice Nelson in the opening credits?
  4. On The Addams Family, did we see Uncle Fester in the opening credits?
  5. On Bewitched, did we see Endora in the opening credits?
  6. On Petticoat Junction, did we see Uncle Joe Carson in the opening credits?
  7. On The Facts of Life, did we see Mrs. Garrett in the opening credits?
  8. On Cheers, did we see Sam Malone in the opening credits?
  9. On WKRP in Cincinnati, did we see Johnny Fever in the opening credits?
  10. On Perry Mason, did we see Della Street in the opening credits?
  11. On Bonanza, did we see Adam Cartwright in the opening credits?
  12. On The Twilight Zone, you hear him, but did we ever see Rod Serling in the opening credits?

Did these TV characters appear in the opening credits?

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Craigg 5 months ago
11/12 - should be 12/12. WKRP question is wrong.

Season 4 opening:
Rickey 5 months ago
You got 9 out of 12
Better keep your eyes peeled next time! Miss #9, #10,#12.
WILD 5 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
Way to remember every character who ever popped up!
QazWiz 5 months ago
maybe not the first year but there are plenty of shows where camera pans to a four-shot of Della, Paul, Hamilton and Tragg all behind the table on the right as the judge (and camera) sees it. I know because it's a contrived pose, DA and cops never at that table let alone on right hand side (btw: note that this puts Della as first billing after Perry)
sambotambo 10 months ago
hey you people who put this quiz together Della Street is in the opening of Perry Mason seasons 1 and 2 also with Paul Drake and Burger and Tragg
djw1120 sambotambo 10 months ago
That's what I thought.
Apparently MeTV doesn't think so.
DiscoDave 10 months ago
10/12. Got #4 and #5 wrong. Been a long time since I've seen The Addams Family on TV
QazWiz DiscoDave 5 months ago
UNCLE FESTER is kooky i believe (pix showing when theme says "kooky"... like cousin it is "petite") arghhhhhhh now i gotta watch the munsters!
QazWiz QazWiz 5 months ago
nope was wrong, Fester is covered in bomb black marks as song says "neat" Gomez is kooky, morticia is ookie, Grandma is pitite and lurch is sweet. plus there's a seven shot of "whole" family (cousin it NOT in credits) interspersed throught opening credits AND during entire instrumental closing credits.
WILD QazWiz 5 months ago
That's Cousin Itt.
Geronimo 10 months ago
Never watch the Twilight Zone
DiscoDave Geronimo 10 months ago
Your missing out on a classic TV show. That's like never watching I Love Lucy !
SheriHeffner 10 months ago
I got 12 0ut of 12. Even though I wasn't sure of the M A S H question.
Hazel 10 months ago
10/12 Loved the girls in the water tank
EllisClevenger 10 months ago
You got 9 out of 12
Better keep your eyes peeled next time!
Missed #9, #10, and #11.
I cry fowl with #10 and #11.
There are openings with Della Street with Perry Mason, and there are openings without Adam Cartwright!
MeTV, start playing fair, or don't play at all.

ELEANOR 10 months ago
Perry Mason had a nine-year run. Over the years, there were many different opening credits. Della Street (Barbara Hale) appeared in some but not others, so this answer was incorrect.
Maris 10 months ago
All of those things considered, I was right after all about Johnny Fever but wrong after all about Della Street. I don't know how I managed to forget having seen her and the others in Perry Mason. I also forgot Sam's face wasn't in the photos on Cheers.
JeffTanner 10 months ago
You got 8, which should be 9, out of 12, because you, MeTV are wrong on number 9, Dr. Johnny Fever, AKA Howard Hesseman, DOES appear in the opening credits! In later seasons. Check it out yourselves.
Tresix JeffTanner 10 months ago
That's just what I was about to say. I got 10/12.
nerakr 10 months ago
8/12. Missed Perry Mason. I could have sworn in one season's credits that Paul and Della are sitting at the defendant's table when Perry shows them a document, then shows it to Burger and Tragg.
TomTerrrific nerakr 10 months ago
You're absolutely right. On the FIRST season, it's just Perry Mason in an empty courtroom, apparently waiting. In all the other seasons, all four of the regulars appear in the opening credits.
cperrynaples TomTerrrific 10 months ago
No, it's everyone, then PM with the judge, and THEN PM alone! YouTube proably has a video to confirm this!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 10 months ago
PS Final verdict! It's all 4 and a judge until the middle of Season 4, then when William Talsman was suspended, it became Mason alone for the rest of the series!
anthony 10 months ago
10/12.I thought they meant "billing",so that's how I took the quiz. I see now that they were talking about the person "appearing" in the opening credits.But they did start the explanation of the quiz by using the word "billing" which I always thought meant name of person appearing on the screen.
Barry22 10 months ago
9/12, but the WKRP one is wrong.
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