Did these things happen on The Brady Bunch to Marcia or Jan?

It's Marcia vs. Jan, the ultimate showdown!

On The Brady Bunch, Jan often felt she was living in Marcia's shadow, but fans of the show saw both sisters as stars, in episode after episode that pivoted to shine a spotlight on each sibling.

Think you can tell apart the sisters at the heart of one of TV's favorite sibling rivalries?

Scroll through scenarios below and see if you can match the correct Brady girl to the synopsis every time. Good luck!

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  1. She promises Davy Jones will perform at prom.
  2. She invents an imaginary boyfriend named George Glass.
  3. She suffers a swollen nose after making two dates for the same night.
  4. She miscalculates the price of a silver platter.
  5. She once wished she was an only child so she could have more space.
  6. She joins Frontier Scouts to prove girls can do what boys do.
  7. She becomes convinced her braces make her look ugly.
  8. She gets upset when her friend sends a party invitation to the wrong sister.
  9. She discovers a photo of an aunt who looks just like her.
  10. She competes in a popularity contest at school – and wins.
  11. She throws a slumber party her brothers try to spoil.
  12. She breaks curfew trying to submit Mike for Father of the Year.

Did these things happen on The Brady Bunch to Marcia or Jan?

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FrancieCarlson 3 days ago
12/12! I rarely missed an episode.
Coolrain 9 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
Marcia knew you could never get these sisters confused!
Keith 11 months ago
I always was a fan of Jan, she had beautiful hair as she got older.
grandpa5741 11 months ago
10/12 Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.
I had a huge crush on you girl.
flyhawk3131 11 months ago
10 of 12,I pretty much watched all the show
Rita6868 11 months ago
Marcia Marcia Marcia.I got the braces wrong.I knew it was Marcia but hit the Jan answer.I still watch this show every sunday.I watched the original airing of this show as a kid.These kids could act, sing and dance.Still funny to me all of these years later.Thanks MeTV for showing this generation of kids this show that always had a message to do the right thing.
Spiro 11 months ago
10/12 Respectable

I'd like to see a Brady/Walton quiz if it hasn't already been done.
DZee 11 months ago
12 for 12.Although it was pretty easy.
Shatner1 11 months ago
11/12! Not bad for not watching this show for 40 yrs. Still--Jan won a popularity contest?
ThomasPotter Shatner1 11 months ago
Yes, its the one where she over extends herself by promising almost every kid in class something different that she will do for them, then renigs when she wins.
JustGeri 11 months ago
12/12 …only one gave me pause…otherwise I know the Brady Girls well!
JERRY6 11 months ago
11 of 12 oiḿ embarrassed
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