Can you find the ONE celebrity who never appeared on Perry Mason?

You be the judge.

Perry Mason welcomed many celebrities to the stand, from the Sixties' biggest TV stars to up-and-coming movie stars who would dominate the big screen in the 1970s.

Are you the authority when it comes to every witness and suspect Perry Mason every questioned?

Try to spot the ONE celebrity who NEVER appeared in Perry Mason's courtroom. Good luck!

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  1. Spot the ONE celebrity who did NOT appear in an episode of Perry Mason:

Can you find the ONE celebrity who never appeared on Perry Mason?

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MarkSpeck 24 months ago
Got it on the first try. I remember all those other folks doing a Mason episode, but not Joker Jack.
Captain 24 months ago
I narrowed it down to two, + made the correct answer, but I cannot remember which episode Cloris Leavhman was on .
DiscoDave 44 months ago
Picked Dick. Wrong
MarkSpeck DiscoDave 24 months ago
Dick's in the very last episode, "The Case of the Final Fade-Out". This is the episode in which Erle Stanley Gardner himself played the judge, and many of the crew members had cameos.
AgingDisgracefully 44 months ago
Jack WAS going to be on, but Della didn't like his smartness and sarcasm.
He was asked to leave the building.
Fuming AgingDisgracefully 22 months ago
Della dont put up with no smart alecs besides she had a thing for Paul.
Lucyneenah19701 44 months ago
I guessed Jack Nicholson on the 6th try.
daDoctah Lucyneenah19701 44 months ago
Same here. I wonder if we made the same five wrong guesses first?
JeffTanner Lucyneenah19701 44 months ago
I got him, (Nicholson) on the FIRST TRY!!
NostalgiaFan 44 months ago
Well good for me. That was so easy. I only had to go through half of them to get the right one. LOL
Angie 44 months ago
Got it first try! I keep flagging the dumb spammers. This one has made 25 posts in the last eight hours and they all remain up.
NostalgiaFan Angie 44 months ago
I'm doing the same
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