Which classic shows are these golf scenes from?

Take a swing at these shots from the Fifties through the Nineties!


Golf is one of the hardest sports to get exactly right. Even seasoned professionals have bad days out on the course. Which makes it the perfect sport for TV comedies and cartoons. Many sitcoms took full advantage of the frustrations and difficulties of the game and turned them into hilarious scenes.

We’ve teed up 11 shots from some of our favorite classic series. Can you get a hole in one by guessing every question right?

  1. Do you recognize this living room serving as a practice putting green?
  2. Imagine playing this golf course!
  3. This is the opening shot of which sitcom?
  4. Which Looney Tunes character faced off against this Scottish golfer?
  5. Someone is sneaking off to an early morning tee time in...
  6. These characters are practicing their swings in which sitcom?
  7. What is this golf scene from?
  8. Just one swing got these kids in trouble in...
  9. Pro golfer Jimmy Demaret stopped by which sitcom?
  10. Speaking of real-life sports icons, Dodgers manager Leo Durocher shot a few rounds on which show?
  11. These valuable clubs were seen in...

Which classic shows are these golf scenes from?

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rahaindy 25 months ago
11/11. Like both golf and old TV shows
dmirarh 25 months ago
You got 8 out of 11, MeTV is wonderful. Most of our tv viewing during the evening is spent here on MeTV.
grandpa5741 25 months ago
10/11 🏌️That’s a birdie baby
kkvegas 25 months ago
I can't believe they left out The Honeymooners -- "Hello Ball!"
mauigreek 25 months ago
I LOVE METV!!! Takes me back to kidtime. But Pul-eeeeeeze do me a huge favor. alternate dragbet and other shiws from the afternoon on the Eastcoast, with Gawaii once in awhile! We cant stay up to 4am 5am to watch these shows. Hawaii standard time is 5-6 hours behind est. Jeep ip the goid work. Love you Svengoolie!!! Aloha from Maui Everyone!
frenchman71 25 months ago
10/11. Got #9 wrong. I thought that was Martin Milner for a second from "Route 66".
FLETCH 25 months ago
10 out of 11, dang just missed #7
Kenner 25 months ago
OF COURSE we just had to have yet another (drumroll) Full House reference. Enuff already.
jtrain 25 months ago
10/11, got the last one wrong.
RichLorn 25 months ago
7 out of 11 leaves ... Fore!
Lacey 25 months ago
9 out of 11. My guesses did not pan out.
Shatner1 25 months ago
10/11! As usual I got the question wrong that involved dreadFULL house!
Anonymous 25 months ago
#10 Leo Durocher was the retired Giants Manager when he was on Beverly Hillbillies, NOT dodgers!
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