Did these things actually happen when Bob Denver guest starred on The Andy Griffith Show?

Bob Denver is Dud Wash in "Divorce, Mountain Style," and he had to deal with his wife trying to leave him for Andy.

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Usually, there's only one way to get a divorce. Yet in Mayberry, a mountain-style divorce puts Andy in the middle of a marriage drama. Bob Denver guest stars as Dud Wash, the husband whose eyes, looking at another woman, prompted his wife, Charlene Darling, to get a divorce.

Who did she want to marry next to teach her husband a lesson? Sheriff Taylor. Yet, a lot of events happened before that could become possible. You'll have to take this quiz to see which of these things actually happened in the episode "Divorce, Mountain Style."

Good luck.

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  1. Dud Wash was present at the divorce ritual.
  2. The beak of an owl, four tail feathers from a chicken hawk, a piece of bacon and a broken comb were buried.
  3. Andy and Charlene go back inside of the sheriff's station. Charlene was surprised to see her husband there with a shotgun.
  4. Barney found a book full of antidotes.
  5. When Dud arrives, he and Andy fight. After, Andy throws him out!
  6. The first attempt to null the divorce was to "dig it up."
  7. For the second attempt, Barney was the horse rider dressed in black.
  8. The attempt didn't work, and Andy was forced to marry Charlene.
  9. Dud Wash (Bob Denver) sang with the rest of the cast at the sherriff's station.

Did these things actually happen when Bob Denver guest starred on The Andy Griffith Show?

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